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Huber koopt Martinswerk van Albemarle Corporation

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– J.M. Huber Corporation maakt bij monde van zijn divisie  Huber Engineered Materials (HEM) bekend dat het Martinswerk overneemt van Albemarle Corporation. De portefeuille van Martinswerk is nu officieel onderdeel van de eenheid voor vuurvertragende additieve van HEM.

De transactie – Hubers grootste aankoop in 10 jaar – behelst Martinswerks productiefaciliteit in de Duitse stad Bergheim, meer dan 470 werknemers en de volgende productlijnen:

  • Neergeslagen en gemalen aluminiumoxidetrihydraat
  • Hoogwaardige neergeslagen van magnesiumhydroxide, Magnifin®.
  • Diverse gespecialiseerde chemicaliën:
    • Martifin®, speciale hydraten voor papier.
    • Martoxid®, aluminiumoxide voor aardewerk.
    • Pergopak®, nivellerende agenten voor coatings.
    • Compalox®, gegranuleerde, geactiveerde aluminiumoxide.


Huber Officially Acquires Martinswerk Business from Albemarle Corporation

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– J.M. Huber Corporation, through its Huber Engineered Materials (HEM) division, announces today it has acquired the Martinswerk business of Albemarle Corporation (NYSE: ALB). The Martinswerk portfolio is now officially part of the Fire Retardant Additives (FRA) business unit of HEM.

Huber’s largest acquisition in over 10 years, the transaction includes Martinswerk’s manufacturing facility in Bergheim, Germany, more than 470 employees and the following product lines:

  • Martinal ® precipitated and ground alumina trihydrate
  • Magnifin ® premium precipitated magnesium hydroxide
  • A variety of specialty chemical products:
    • Martifin ® specialty hydrates for paper
    • Martoxid ® aluminum oxide primarily for ceramics
    • Pergopak ® flatting agents and carrier additives
    • Compalox ® granulated activated alumina

“This strategic acquisition is well aligned with HEM’s FRA business unit – both from a product and geographic standpoint,” explains Jerry Bertram, Vice President and General Manager of HEM’s Fire Retardant Additive business. “It builds on our existing halogen-free fire retardant offerings and expands the range of products we can provide to customers around the world.”

To ensure a smooth integration, HEM is retaining the current management team at Martinswerk. The FRA business unit will be structured in a regional model with a General Manager operating out of Europe.

The Martinswerk acquisition builds on Huber’s 34 year history of supplying fire retardants and smoke suppressants. It marks the latest in a series of investments in the FRA business by Huber, including the acquisition of the Kemgard ® product line from Sherwin-Williams in 2010 and the purchase of the assets of the specialty hydrates business from Almatis in 2012. In 2015, Huber purchased the Safire ® nitrogen and phosphorous flame retardant technology from Floridienne Group and Catena Additives.

Says Bertram, “Bringing together our long-term experience in fire retardant additives with the product lines from Martinswerk broadens our portfolio of environmentally-friendly fire retardant additives for use across multiple applications, including carpet backing, fiber reinforced plastics, roofing, silicone rubber and wire and cable.” He adds, “This addition truly makes FRA a global business.”

About Huber Engineered Materials ( www.hubermaterials.com )

Huber Engineered Materials, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.), is a global business focused on engineered specialty ingredients that enhance the performance, appeal and processing of a broad range of products used in industrial, paper and consumer-based applications. With an expertise in inorganic materials, it has a portfolio of high value products: specialty silicas and silicates, alumina trihydrate, magnesium hydroxide, barium sulfate and industrial, food and USP calcium carbonate.

About J.M. Huber Corporation ( www.huber.com )

J.M. Huber Corporation, headquartered in Edison, New Jersey (U.S.), operates a portfolio of companies with a focus on its core engineered materials businesses. Founded in 1883, today Huber is one of the largest family-owned companies in the United States. The diversified, multinational company creates products that are used in a broad range of consumer and industrial applications, including oral care, personal care, food, beverage, pharmaceuticals and building materials.


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