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Olea Medical lanceert internationale wedstrijd Olea Innovators

LA CIOTAT, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)– November 30, 2015

Olea Medical, ontwerper van Olea Sphere, de allernieuwste oplossing voor geavanceerde verwerking en weergaven van MRI- en CT-afbeeldingen, heeft vandaag de eerste editie van de Olea Innovators Contest aangekondigd.

Olea Innovators zoekt over de hele wereld naar projecten die met succes een innovatieve technologie op gebied van MRI willen ontwikkelen. Voor de eerste editie is Olea op zoek naar projecten die binnen de volgende twee categorieën vallen:




Olea Medical Launches the International “Olea Innovators” Contest

LA CIOTAT, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)– November 30, 2015

Olea Medical™, the designer of Olea Sphere™, the state-of-the-art advanced post-processing and visualization of MRI and CT images solution, announces the launch of the first edition of the “Olea Innovators” contest.

The “Olea Innovators” contest is an international call for projects for applicants who wish to successfully develop an innovative technology in MRI. For this 1 st edition, the project proposed must meet the characteristics of one of the two following categories:


All applications to Olea Innovators are free of charge and there are no registration costs. Application files will be pre-selected by an internal Olea Medical™ panel who will send the pre-selected files to a jury of experts in Radiology and/or innovation transfer who will select the final candidates.

“We are convinced that this competition will allow us to identify numerous innovative projects which should be implemented. We know to what degree innovation is pivotal in the field of medical imaging and we are familiar with the difficulties which any innovative project leader can encounter before completing their project. This is why we want to invest more in promoting and supporting innovation”, says Fayçal Djeridane, President of Olea Medical™.

Olea Innovators is an international competition aimed at specialized players in the field of medical imaging who have medical or technical training, regardless of whether they are students or have already graduated (employees, independent contractors, professionals searching for a job). All projects may be presented by a candidate alone or in a team comprising a maximum of 4 people.
Participate in Olea Innovators by clicking on the link below:

About Olea Medical

Olea Medical™ designs and markets innovative medical imaging applications that significantly improve diagnostic processes and treatment evaluation. Created in July 2008, Olea Medical has continuously increased its portfolio of innovative vendor-neutral software applications for MRI and CT imaging post-processing, including emergency settings-dedicated ones. Olea Medical’s competitive solutions allowing to speed-up and enhance diagnosis process are now implemented in major health care centers all over the world, and Olea Medical aims to becoming the leading provider of safe and accurate medical imaging software.

More information at www.olea-medical.com.

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