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Truckafdeling Delticom: Banden belangrijke veiligheidsfactor

HANNOVER, Duitsland -(BUSINESS WIRE)– Het is druk op de weg. In de eerste negen maandag van 2015 zijn in het Verenigd Koninkrijk 18 procent meer vrachtwagens en commerciële voertuigen geregistreerd dan vorig jaar. Gezien deze cijfers is het van belang goed vooruit te plannen en verstandig te investeren. In 2014 steeg in het Verenigd Koninkrijk het aantal verkeersongelukken met auto’s voor goederenvervoer met 6 procent ten opzichte van het jaar daarvoor. Nieuwe banden leveren een cruciale bijdrage aan veilig vervoer.

Om deze reden raden experts transportbedrijven en zakenlui met een klein wagenpark aan hun auto’s intensief te onderhouden. Dit draag niet alleen bij aan een langere levensduur, het zorgt ook voor veiliger verkeer op de weg. In de lange Europese winters met continu veranderlijk weer, vergroot de perfectie grip de mobiliteit van goederenvervoerders en bedrijven aanzienlijk.



Delticom Truck/Commercial Vehicle Division: Safety Factor Tyres

HANOVER, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– It’s buzzing on our roads and motorways. In the first nine months of 2015, there were almost 18% more trucks and commercial vehicles registered in the UK than last year.* In light of these figures, it is worth doing some forward planning and invest wisely. In the UK, the number of road traffic accidents leading to personal injury involving goods vehicles rose in 2014 by 6% in comparison to the previous year.** New tyres can make an absolutely critical contribution to safe mobility.

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Safely and efficiently to your destination: Check your tyres for trucks especially in the colder tim ... Safely and efficiently to your destination: Check your tyres for trucks especially in the colder time of the year. Photo: Delticom AG, Hanover (Photo: Business Wire)

That’s why safety experts advise transport companies and business people who run a small fleet to service their vehicles intensively. Not only does this contribute to increased working life, it also makes an important contribution to road safety. During long, dark European winters with constantly changing weather conditions, having perfect grip increases the mobility of goods transporters and businesses by a significant multiple. “It’s worth investing in fresh tyres , not only when they’re worn, or you have to change because of the season. Very often, every millimetre counts, such as in tricky traffic situations. With new tyres , both driver and business owner are well equipped. Over the last few years, we have specialised in supplying a wide range of complete winter tyres size 17.5”, as these tyres, in particular, cover the whole spectrum of small fleet operators. Business people can count on our online car tyre shops , with excellent availability of 17.5” tyres in all price/performance categories”, says Andreas Wilmsmeier, Key-Account Manager Truck and Commercial Tyres EU at Delticom. He continues : “Our customers benefit from a wide variety of high-quality tyres. More and more transport experts are on the road in the best possible way with our own brand Goodride. Goodride truck tyres are characterised by a high level of reliability and economy”.

At the Delticom online stores for dealers and garages attractive packages are offered to all kind of businesses, no matter if small or large. With a winter discount promotion in December the online tyre dealer supports the safety of its customers. For each purchased truck tyre 10 euro discount will be granted per at the online shops for professional customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France,Italy, Spain and the Netherlands (in Switzerland 10 CHF). The winter discount promotion starts at 1 stof December and ends on the 31 st of December 2015.

Buying tyres online provide numerous benefits: the stores are “open all hours” – 365 days a year, 24/7, thus saving that valuable resource – time. In addition, business owners can increase efficiency by benefitting from low-cost deals all year round. The truck / commercial vehicle team at Delticom can also offer personal advice if required. Within the UK, the tyres are generally dispatched in 2 – 4 days.

* Source: www.smmt.co.uk

** Source: www.gov.uk

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