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AXON presenteert tau-vaccin AADvac1 als Hot Topic op CTAD 2015

BARCELONA –(BUSINESS WIRE)– AXON Neuroscience heeft bemoedigende resultaten van een eerstefaseonderzoek naar zijn tau-vaccin AADvac1 gepresenteerd in de openingssessie van de achtste International Conference on Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD). AXON liet in de sessie Hot Topics in AD Clinical Trials een uitstekend profiel op vlak van veiligheid en immunogeniciteit zien. AXON overlegde in een andere presentatie uitstekende preklinische onderzoeksresultaten omtrent zijn passieve vaccin AADvac2, een andere belangrijke samenstelling van het bedrijf.

AXON’s AADvac1 Tau Vaccine One of the Hot Topics at CTAD 2015 Conference

BARCELONA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)– AXON Neuroscience presented encouraging Phase 1 study results of the company’s active tau vaccine AADvac1 at the opening session of the 8th International Conference on Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD). At the session, called Hot Topics in AD Clinical Trials, AXON demonstrated an excellent safety and immunogenicity profile of the AADvac1 from the finished Phase 1 study. AXON’s second presentation at CTAD presented the exceptional preclinical results of the passive vaccine AADvac2, another lead compound of the company.


AXON’s vaccine AADvac1 stimulates patients’ immune systems to generate specific antibodies against diseased forms of tau protein and thus protect the brain from neurodegeneration. The vaccine is intended to be a disease-modifying drug for Alzheimer’s disease.

At the CTAD 2015 presentation, AXON’s Medical Director, Matej Ondrus, showed that the AADvac1 vaccine is safe and well tolerated in all assessed parameters. Additionally, the treatment induced a robust immune response in the vast majority of the study participants and the average cognition of patients remained stable over 6 months.

After the presentation, Prof. Michal Novak, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board at AXON Neuroscience, added: “We expect the Phase II study to begin by the end of 2015. This should allow us to confirm the promising results also on a large patient population, targeting mild Alzheimer’s disease.”


AXON Neuroscience´s passive vaccine AADvac2 is a humanized monoclonal antibody that was created as a genuine structural imprint of a diseased form of tau protein isolated from Alzheimer’s disease. The antibody recognized the target area on tau, which plays an important role in pathological communication between tau proteins in the brain suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The antibody is able to inhibit formation of neurofibrillary tangles, the hallmark of AD, and eliminates pathological tau phosphorylation.


AXON Neuroscience is a clinical-stage biotech company developing disease-modifying immunotherapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease and other tauopathies. The company employs the largest scientific team worldwide focusing exclusively on tau protein and tau-related neurodegenerative disorders.


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