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Metaswitch en Patton werken samen om Service Providers te helpen

GAITHERSBURG, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Patton Electronics—de Amerikaanse maker van de prijswinnende SmartNode™ VoIP-oplossingen, CopperLink™ Ethernet-uitbreiders en  BODI rS™ hoge beschikbaarheidsrouters voor vast en mobiel internet—kondigt gecertificeerde interoperabiliteit aan voor zijn SmartNode VoIP CPE met MetaSphere IP-telefoniesoftware als lid van het Metaswitch Mosaic-technologiepartnerprogramma.

Pattons eigen technologiepartnerprogramma is uitgebreid: de SmartNode VoIP-apparaten van het bedrijf bieden bewezen interoperabiliteit met iedere grote aanbieder in de telecomindustrie,

Een dergelijke haast universele interoperabiliteit betekent dat Pattons nieuwe samenwerking met Metaswitch communicatie-service providers de mogelijkheid biedt om Metaswitch-gebaseerde, volledig-IP-communicatiediensten aan te bieden aan bedrijven die hun bestaande traditionele of IP-gebaseerde telefoonsystemen willen blijven gebruiken.


Metaswitch and Patton Partner to Help Service Providers

GAITHERSBURG, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Patton Electronics—US-manufacturer of award-winning  SmartNode™ VoIP solutions,  CopperLink™ Ethernet Extenders, and  BODI rS™ High Availability Fixed & Mobile Internet Routers—announces certified interoperability for its SmartNode VoIP CPE with MetaSphere IP-telephony software as a member of the Metaswitch Mosaic technology partner program.

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Patton’s own technology partner program is extensive: the company’s SmartNode VoIP devices offer proven interoperability with every major vendor in the telecom industry.

Such nearly-universal interoperability means Patton’s new partnership with Metaswitch will enable communications service providers to deliver Metaswitch-based, all-IP communications services to businesses that want to continue using their existing traditional or IP-based phone systems.

“We are pleased to welcome Patton and its SmartNode VoIP CPE solution into the Metaswitch Mosaic Program,” said Ken Cavanaugh, Director of Business Development, Metaswitch. “Metaswitch’s technology partners help bring all the critical pieces of infrastructure together for network operators of all sizes so our customers can save time and money on testing and focus on what’s really important.”

While many companies have been reluctant to make the transition to such services as IP telephony, unified communications, and cloud-based communications, Patton offers a solution that will help network operators penetrate the enterprise market with Metaswitch-based all-IP communications services.

Unlike most E-SBCs on the market, the SmartNode ESBR is available with built-in traditional telephony interfaces (PRI, BRI, FXS, and FXO) that connect legacy devices with all-IP communication services from Metaswitch while supporting TDM survivability.

SmartNode SBCs also happen to scale perfectly for SMB subscribers, offering solutions for as few as 2, and up to 512 SIP sessions.

In related news, Patton recently announced renewed interop validation with BroadSoft’s BroadWorks IP-communications platform.


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