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Nacro selecteert UniPrint Infinity voor efficiënt printen in 110 kantoren

CARDIFF, Verenigd Koninkrijk–(BUSINESS WIRE)– UniPrint.net (www.uniprint.net), wereldleider in systemen voor virtualisatie van printers, heeft bekendgemaakt dat Nacro de software UniPrint Infinity in 110 kantoren in gebruik heeft genomen voor betrouwbaar en probleemloos printen. De liefdadigheidsinstelling Nacro legt zich toe op het tegengaan van misdaad en recidive in Engeland en Wales. Nacro’s datacenter wordt buiten zijn eigen vestigingen gehost en werkt op veertig Citrix XenApp 6.5-servers, die virtuele desktops voor negenhonderd werknemers en vrijwilligers verzorgen. De desktops zijn uitgerust met enkele specialistische applicaties waarvoor het nodig is constant te printen.

Bij de installatie van een nieuwe Citrix, ontstonden problemen. Ben Bispham, die bij Nacro verantwoordelijk voor onderhoud en ontwikkeling van IT, blikt terug: “We worstelden met het in kaart brengen van printers voor negenhonderd verschillende gebruikers, wat aanzienlijke problemen opleverde met de combinatie van drivers en de complexiteit van Windows-implementatie van printers. De vele gebruikers die regelmatig van kantoor wissen maakte dit nog moeilijker. Gebruikers klaagden regelmatig over het trage netwerk, wat voornamelijk aan het licht kwam bij het printen.”

Nacro Selects UniPrint Infinity™ to Deliver Secure and Efficient Citrix Printing across 110 UK Offices

CARDIFF, United Kingdom–(BUSINESS WIRE)– UniPrint.net ( www.uniprint.net), the world leader in printing virtualisation solutions, have announced that Nacro, a criminal justice charity dedicated to reducing crime and re-offending in communities across England and Wales, have adopted UniPrint Infinity software to support their constant requirements of secure and trouble free printing across 110 offices. Nacro’s data centre is hosted offsite and runs on 40 Citrix XenApp 6.5 servers, delivering virtual desktops to 900 staff and volunteers with several specialist applications that require constant printing.

Printing problems occurred at the onset of a new Citrix deployment. Ben Bispham, ICT Infrastructure Support & Development Manager, Nacro reflects: “We struggled with printer mappings for 900 different users which caused significant problems with the combination of drivers and complexities of Windows printer deployment. This was made more difficult due to the number of users who frequently travel between offices. Users were frequently complaining of slow network performance, which was particularly evident during printing.”

With a diverse range of 250 printers across the network, it was time consuming to individually install printer drivers and continuously update them on the Citrix servers causing incompatibility and reliability issues. In addition, the Windows-based policy requiring printer mapping at each of the 110 offices further inundated the ICT Service Desk. Printing began to grind to a halt as users floundered over which printer to use. Users needed to ensure their print jobs would be printed to the correct location securely and on-demand. Even when the printer was correctly identified, printing was slow with limited bandwidth issues when large size print data was transmitted across asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) connections. Frustration was setting in.

Upon testing the UniPrint Infinity printing software along with their vPad network print appliance, Nacro immediately experienced simplicity from working with just one UniPrint Universal Printer Driver (UPD) in their Citrix environment. This allowed them to replace all manufacturer specific printer drivers, significantly reducing printer management chores, eliminating incompatibilities and assuring ongoing stability. Remote printing speed also improved immediately as data stream compression kicked in. UniPrint’s Print Stream Compression feature compresses spooled print jobs by up to 95% promoting speedy data transmission to remote sites. Users’ wait time decreased from minutes to seconds.

Using the vPad secure pull printing feature, Nacro was able to assure client data confidentiality. Users simply tapped their RFID-enabled ID badge on the vPad and then released their document to the closest printer. Staff were able to print and release multiple documents together, saving time and increasing productivity. The pilot went so well that Nacro rolled out UniPrint Infinity and vPad secure pull printing across their offices and managed residencies. Installation was a straightforward plug and play, with no onsite configuration required. Half of the sites were self-installed and up and running within 10 minutes.

Nacro has also recorded cost and resource savings within the UniPrint installation. Using UniPrint’s Printer Profiles feature, Nacro has set all prints to black and white (mono) by default, so print cost is reduced to 0.5 pence from 4 pence (in colour) per page. In the back office, managing the virtual printing environment is now far less labour intense. IT only needs to manage and update a single UPD. With driver incompatibilities removed, the virtual Citrix server stability is also improved

Bispham concludes, “This has been a seamless install that alleviates multiple management headaches when printing across Citrix and critically, has placed the power and confidence of secure enabled print back into the hands of our staff.”

Most recently, Nacro have benefited from the ability to connect the vPads and printers at sites which are not on their domain and only have a standard internet connection. This has enabled secure cloud printing from within Citrix to these smaller remote sites across the internet.

For more information on UniPrint.net or download a free product trial, visit www.uniprint.net

About UniPrint:

UniPrint.net is the recognized leader in printing virtualization. The newest solution in UniPrint.net’s patented, award-winning product line, UniPrint Infinity is the industry’s first truly secure enterprise-wide solution for any computing environment. Enabling anywhere, anytime, and any device secure pull printing, UniPrint Infinity comes with a proven ROI through its statistics module, print document archiving functionality, secure mobile printing modules, and high availability setup with load balancing capability. UniPrint Infinity replaces all manufacturer printer drivers with a single PDF generator to promote faster, more efficient printing, helping organizations to improve both productivity and return on investments.

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