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Jubilant DraxImage lanceert HICON® in Colombia

MONTREAL –(BUSINESS WIRE)– Jubilant DraxImage Inc. (“DraxImage”) is trots met de eerste commerciële verzending van de HICON® Sodium Iodine I-131 Solution USP vandaag in Bogota, Colombia.

“Dit is een significante mijlpaal voor het bedrijf nu we beginnen met het uitbreiden van het geografische bereik van deze belangrijke schildklier ablatietherapie aan artsen en hun patiënten in Zuid-Amerika”, zegt DraxImage-topman Martyn Coombs.

HICON ® Sodium Iodine I-131 Solution is een behandelingsmethode om schildklierziektes op te sporen, zoals hyperthyreoïde en schildklierkanker. Patiënten die hier aan lijden hebben nu toegang tot door INVIMA goedgekeurde radioactieve therapie. INVIMA is de Colombiaanse waakhond op farmaceutisch gebied.

Jubilant DraxImage launches HICON® in Colombia

MONTREAL–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Jubilant DraxImage Inc. (“DraxImage”) is pleased to announce delivery of the first commercial shipment of HICON ® Sodium Iodine I-131 Solution USP today to Bogota, Colombia.

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“This marks a significant milestone for the company as we begin to expand the geographic reach of this important thyroid ablation therapy to physicians and their patients in South America” indicated DraxImage’s President Martyn Coombs.

HICON ® Sodium Iodine I-131 Solution is indicated for the treatment of thyroid diseases, such as hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer. Patients who suffer from these thyroid conditions will now have access to INVIMA-approved Radioiodine therapy. INVIMA is the Colombian Pharmaceutical Regulatory agency. Using DraxImage’s proprietary Smart-Fill TM dispensing system, our local distributor, COMCI, will deliver customized, patient-specific I-131 therapeutic capsules to patients requiring treatment for their thyroid disease. This is particularly important given the growing number of thyroid cancers being diagnosed. Specifically, there are almost 2,500 newly diagnosed cases of thyroid cancer every year in Colombia, affecting predominantly women between 25 and 65 years of age.

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of I-131 in North America and the only FDA-approved I-131 bulk solution which allows individualized therapeutic, patient specific doses, Jubilant DraxImage continues its commitment to delivering high quality, reliable, pharmaceutical-grade radioactive iodine to the global market.

In closing, DraxImage President Martyn Coombs stated, “We are very pleased to enter this important South American market with HICON ® and Smart-Fill TM and look forward to expanding in other areas of the region in the future. More importantly, we are especially proud to bring these essential treatment options to patients in Colombia.”

About Jubilant DraxImage

Jubilant DraxImage Inc., a subsidiary of Jubilant Life Sciences, develops, manufactures and commercializes radiopharmaceuticals used for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The company is dedicated to nuclear medicine and serves customers and through them patients, globally, with high quality and reliable products and services. The company is the market leader in North America for I-131 products (diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorder and cancer), MAA (lung perfusion imaging), DTPA (renal imaging) and MDP (bone imaging), and also markets other products such as Sestamibi (myocardial perfusion imaging) and Gluceptate (brain and renal imaging). The company has a strong development pipeline of new products, notably a Rubidium-82 Generator (PET Cardiology).

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