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Gildas Sorin aangesteld als CEO van CYNORA GmbH

BRUCHSAL, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Gildas Sorin is met onmiddelijke ingang aangesteld als CEO van het in Bruchsal in Duitsland gevestigde CYNORA GmbH. Zijn uitgebreide ervaring in de OLED- en displayindustrie maken van de heer SoRin de aangewezen kandidaat om CYNORA naar het volgende niveau te helpen.

Dit onderschrijft de ontwikkeling van CYNORA als een toonaangevend technologiebedrijf op het gebied van TADF-zendersystemen voor organisch licht uitstralende diodes (OLED’s) sinds het van start ging in 2008. Deze Franse topmanager neemt zijn ruime, internationale ervaring in de OLED-industrie mee naar CYNORA.

Gildas Sorin Appointed CEO of CYNORA GmbH

BRUCHSAL, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Gildas Sorin has been appointed CEO of Bruchsal-based CYNORA GmbH with immediate effect. His great experience in the OLED and display industry makes Mr. Sorin the ideal candidate to take CYNORA to the next stage.

This is a strong sign for the development of CYNORA being a technology leader in the field of TADF emitter systems for organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) since its start in 2008. The French top manager brings his long and international experiences in OLED industries, and his change to the management is also regarded as a signal of the CYNORA partners to use the technology leap and translate it into specific economic successes.

CYNORA pioneers in the research and development of innovative pure-organic and novel copper-based TADF emitter systems, amongst other materials and technologies. In addition to sublimable materials for well established vacuum-processing, a multitude of materials allowing for efficient liquid processing in coating and printing techniques are available. In the past years CYNORA succeeded in developing and establishing a novel technology platform for iridium-free emitters that are tailor-made for any customer requirements. The concerted efforts of CYNORA’s R&D team and the company’s supporters have resulted in more than 280 patent applications and granted patents, as well as several coveted scientific and industrial awards.

Gildas Sorin started his career within the French Thomson company, where he held several general manager positions and became director of its semi-conductor activity. He then joined Philips Electronics as vice president in the Display Division. In 2003 he became CEO of Dresden-based Novaled GmbH.


CYNORA, located in Bruchsal (Germany) offers tailor-made solutions for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). The company mission is to provide the display and lighting markets with efficient emitter materials, which make use of the TADF mechanism, also called Singlet Harvesting technology.

Research encompasses all key aspects of developing optoelectronic materials, including theoretic calculations, and material-testing in OLED-devices. This enables CYNORA to cover a wide array of fabrication technologies, e.g. vacuum processing as well as solution-based processing with optional crosslinking technology.

CYNORA is equity-financed by the venture capital fund MIG Verwaltungs AG (Munich), family office Wecken & CIE (Basel) and KfW (Bonn).



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