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SmartStream ondersteunt de groeiende complexiteit en volumes van reconciliation van data

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SmartStream, specialist in Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®), heeft vandaag de release van TLM Reconciliations Premium v.2.5 bekendgemaakt. Deze nieuwe versie biedt een nieuw reconciliation pakket voor Short Term Investment Funds (STIF) en biedt verrijkte diensten voor ETD (Exchange Traded Derivatives), OTC (Over the Counter) and NAV (Net Asset Value) reconciliations. De nieuwe versie presteert tot 40 procent beter dan de vorige versie.

SmartStream Supports the Rise in Complexity and Volumes for Reconciliations Data

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SmartStream, the financial Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM ®) specialist, today announced the release of TLM Reconciliations Premium v.2.5 – this new version provides a new reconciliation package for Short Term Investment Funds (STIF) and provides enriched services for ETD (Exchange Traded Derivatives), OTC (Over the Counter) and NAV (Net Asset Value) reconciliations.

This most recent release delivers significant performance increases, above 40%, with highly scalable deployment options across data loading, transformation and matching services. With TLM Reconciliations Premium available in a variety of flexible deployment options, from on-site, cloud based or a fully managed service, organisations are now able to reduce the total-cost-of-ownership in ways that were never before possible.

Darryl Twiggs, EVP Product Management, SmartStream, states: “Complexity and the rise in volumes for reconciliations has led us to make these new enhancements. We have a user committee of tier one banks whose major concern was to deal with the current surge in reconciliations data. So far the feedback for v.2.5 has been very positive with a good uptake. In addition, financial institutions are very pleased with the quick implementation time and the opportunity to rationalise their reconciliations systems into a single reconciliation solution. We will be showcasing the product this year at Sibos in Singapore.”

SmartStream has refreshed the solution’s look and feel, introducing user-based task management and dynamic alerting that takes the user directly to the critical details without having to sift through extraneous information. An alerting function has also been added informing users of any immediate problems or exceptions. All important functionality has been added so users can access data quality in real-time.

TLM Reconciliations Premium v.2.5 supporting STIF was entirely based on customer demands for flexibility within their portfolios. Asset managers now have the ability to move funds between portfolios and between managers, meeting their business operations needs. Additionally, the further enrichment of ETD, OTC and NAV out-of-the-box reconciliations packages deliver even greater ease of on-boarding complex reconciliations, all designed to help in the meeting of regulatory requirements. In summary, TLM Reconciliations Premium v.2.5 provides increased efficiency through faster matching, continuous trade monitoring in real-time and pre-emptively alerting users of exceptions, thus providing a more robust system to manage high volumes and complexity.


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