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G-STAR 2015, wereldwijde gamebedrijven kondigen nieuwe innovaties aan in november

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Op 23 september heeft G-STAR Organizing Committee (hierna het organisatiecomité genoemd) een persconferentie gehouden over de status van G-STAR 2015 in Seoul. De internationale gamebeurs G-STAR 2015 zal van 12 tot 15 november worden gehouden in BEXCO, Busan, Zuid-Korea. Deze internationale gamebeurs heeft in vier dagen tijd voor meer dan 200 miljoen dollar aan werk opgeleverd, en breekt jaarlijks records. Met nog 50 dagen tot het begin van de beurs heeft het organisatiecomité de komst van 1154 stands in het publieksgedeelte en 916 in het zakelijke gedeelte bevestigd, waarmee het nu al zeker de grootste editie ooit wordt.

G-STAR 2015, Global Game Companies ‘Introducing New Innovations’ in November

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)– On September 23rd, G-STAR Organizing Committee (Organizing Committee hereinafter) had a press conference about the current status of G-STAR 2015 in Seoul.

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A global game exhibition, G-STAR 2015 will be held in BEXCO, Busan, Korea from November 12th to 15th. This global game exhibition has generated more than $200 million of business value for four days, breaking records every year.
As of now, 50 days to go before the exhibition, the Organizing Committee expects 1154 booths in Public Area and 916 booths in Business Area, breaking the record of 2014’s exhibition with the biggest scale of all time.

The Organizing Committee announced that it selected the mobile game company, 4:33 as a main sponsor of the event this year. 4:33 plays a significant role in the Korean game market as a mobile game company and is also well known for re-investing for the growth of small and mid-sized companies as well as the Korean game market.

Twitch will also participate in G-STAR as Global Media Partner. The scenes in BEXCO, Busan will be vividly broadcasted to the global gamers through Twitch for four days of exhibition.

The Chief of the G-STAR Organizing Committee, Martin Gwanho Choi said, “It is particularly great to see that mobile game companies are participating this year. Various innovations that combine IT technology such as VR and the games will attract visitors’ attention.” He also showed confidence in this year’s event saying, “As many companies from Asia and Europe are exhibiting in Public Area, it is proving that G-STAR is the hub of the global game business.”

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