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NTT Electronics voegt 200G high performance DSP toe aan zijn 20nm DSP-productenlijn

VALENCIA, Spanje–(BUSINESS WIRE)—NTT Electronics (NEL), een toonaangevende leverancier van coherente Digital Signal Processor (DSP) oplossingen voor systeem en modulefabrikanten wereldwijd, kondigde de verzending aan van zijn 20nm 200G high performance DSP-monsters aan zijn lanceringsklanten. Een substantiële verbetering van de optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) prestaties van de DSP, in combinatie met de ondersteuning van higher-order Quadrature-Amplitude-Modulation (QAM) formats, vergroot het bereik van metro, regionaal en langeafstands DWDM optische glasvezelverbindingen.

De nieuwe 200G high performance DSP (NLD0660) verbetert OSNR-prestaties met een gloednieuwe DSP-kern waarvan Soft-Decision Forward-Error-Correction (SD-FEC) 12dB Net-Coding-Gain (NCG) bereikt, waardoor ofwel minder optische repeaters of langer vezelbereik tussen optische transceivers ontstaat.


NTT Electronics Adds 200G High Performance DSP to Its 20nm Coherent DSP Lineup

VALENCIA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)– NTT Electronics (NEL), a leading supplier of coherent Digital Signal Processor (DSP) solutions to system and module manufacturers worldwide, announced the shipment of its 20nm 200G High Performance DSP Samples to its launch customers. Substantial improvement in the DSP’s Optical Signal-to-Noise Ratio (OSNR) performance, in combination with its support of higher-order Quadrature-Amplitude-Modulation (QAM) formats, expands capacity or reach of Metro, Regional, and Long Haul DWDM optical fiber links.

The new 200G High Performance DSP (NLD0660) improves OSNR performance with a brand-new DSP core whose Soft-Decision Forward-Error-Correction (SD-FEC) achieves 12dB Net-Coding-Gain (NCG), allowing either less optical repeaters or longer fiber reach between optical transceivers. In addition to the superior performance, the new High Performance DSP supports a variety of Dual Polarization (DP) modulation formats, 16QAM, 8QAM, and QPSK. 200 Gb/s DP 16QAM doubles Metro Access (MA) link capacity, 150 Gb/s DP 8QAM upgrades Metro Regional’s (MR’s) capacity, whereas 100 Gb/s DP QPSK expands Long Haul (LH) reach through OSNR improvement. If configured with two DSP chips for Nyquist super-channel dual-carrier solution, then dense WDM transmission of 400 Gb/s, 300 G/s, and 200 G/s all per 100 GHz spacing or denser are made possible in MA, MR, and LH fiber links respectively.

This is the second 20nm CMOS coherent DSP in NEL’s lineup which is enabled by its ongoing collaboration with Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ: BRCM). Following the industry-first 20nm Low Power DSP (NLD0640), the new High Performance DSP (NLD0660) leverages the same Broadcom’s industry leading 20nm CMOS signal-processing-enhanced mixed-signal technology.

“We are committed to pioneering innovation in the coherent PHY market through our partnership with Broadcom,” said Haruhiko Ichino, NEL Executive Vice President and General Manager of Broadband System & Device Business Group. “We are proud to see our 20nm CMOS products contributing to fiber links being deployed world-wide. Our commitment continues with the development of additional DSP products including a next-generation DSP using the most-advanced 16nm CMOS process.”

This product incorporates the results of “Research and Development of Ultra-high-speed and Low-power-consumption Optical Network Technologies” supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan.

About NTT Electronics
NTT Electronics (NEL) has been developing and commercializing optical communications devices since 1995. It has complete portfolio of optical and electronics products to cover the industry needs for 100G-and-beyond systems, ROADM components and FTTH networks. Since 2012 NEL has been delivering its flag-ship 100G coherent DSP that has been widely adopted in the industry. NEL is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan with offices in Millan, Italy, Saddle Brook, NJ, San Jose, CA, and Shenzhen, China. For more information, go to http://www.ntt-electronics.com/en/about/overview.html


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