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Mojix draagt zorg voor veiligheid en beveiliging atleten en deelnemers eerste Europese Spelen

LOS ANGELES – ( BUSINESS WIRE ) –Mojix, Inc, een toonaangevende leverancier van zogenoemde wide-area sensornetwerken en IoT-platformoplossingen heeft met succes een veiligheids- en beveiligingsoplossing voor evenementen opgezet bij de eerste Europese Spelen in Bakoe  in Azerbeidzjan in de maand juni dit jaar. De oplossing was gericht op de innovatieve STAR wide-area sensornetwerktechnologie van Mojix en het krachtige ViZix real-time IoT-platform. De organisatie kon dankzij de oplossing een ongekend hoog niveau van veiligheid bieden voor een locatie waar meer dan 250 duizend mensen, zesduizend atleten, vijftig landen en twintig evenementen waren.


Mojix Ensures Safety and Security for Athletes and Attendees at the 1st European Games

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Mojix, Inc, a leading provider of wide-area sensor networks and IoT platform solutions successfully deployed an event security and safety solution at the 1 st European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan in June of this year. The solution was centered on Mojix’s innovative STAR wide-area sensor network technology and powerful ViZix real-time IoT platform. The solution provided organizers with an unprecedented level of security for a venue that hosted more than 250,000 attendees, 6,000 athletes, 50 countries, and 20 events.

Partnering with Main Development and working closely with event organizers, Mojix’s STAR sensor network was able to cover all high-traffic areas: the Olympic Stadium, the National Gymnastics Arena and the Crystal Hall Arena. The Mojix ViZix IoT platform provided attendee visibility and traceability in real-time from a central security control site, thus ensuring security for the event, the attendees and the athletes. In addition, the solution delivered real-time, actionable information so security personnel could respond quickly to any situation.

The Mojix event security and safety solution integrated seamlessly with existing on-site security systems and provided the ability to:

  • Record attendee information when they registered at self-service kiosks
  • Monitor attendance levels by location and zone
  • Set rules to alarm on patterns and events such as unauthorized access to an area
  • Fusion of location of an attendee from STAR system with the camera streaming live video feed
  • Retrieve information on a given attendee and location history
  • Instant re-configurability of rules, zones and alarms

“The Mojix STAR sensor network combined with the ViZix IoT solution provided Main Development the ideal platform for event management by keeping track of tens of thousands of attendees while providing visibility of their location at all the main venues. The system assured safety and security for all visitors and event personnel over the course of three weeks,” said Kazem Askari, President of Main Development. “UHF RFID tags were embedded in the printed admission tickets and event credentials so visitors and personnel could be located at all the primary venues, including the main stadium. Our two companies collaborated very effectively to develop and deploy this solution in record time to meet the timeline of the European Olympics Committee. We selected Mojix technology because it provided a transformational paradigm for event management.”

Download a case history about the Mojix event security and safety solution here: www.mojix.com/pdf/Baku-Case-History_150dpi.pdf

About Mojix

Mojix is a leading connected business solutions company that provides wide-area sensor networks, real-time IoT platform solutions and cloud and mobile development services for IoT and big data applications. We are leaders and innovators in fixed infrastructure sensor networks that collect, store, analyze and interconnect data from multiple sources including RFID, GPS and other sensor devices. Mojix IoT platforms maximize intelligence at the edge and provide big data scalability. Our solutions feature highly configurable application frameworks and elegant user interfaces with advanced analytics, enabling end-to-end business intelligence and data visibility across multiple industries. Mojix creates efficient and agile enterprises by connecting their assets and making them intelligent and actionable. For more information, visit mojix.com.

About Main Development

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Main Development is a security firm, which specializes, in video surveillance and analytics, as well as access control. Main Development was founded in 1990, and currently has offices in North America, Europe and the Asia, with its primary offices located in Mallorca, Spain. Currently, Main Development has over 150 employees, contractors and consultants working for it. Its primary areas of focus include government security contracts, oil and gas, and military sector. For more information, please contact Nina Milani at nina@maindevelopment.ca.

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