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Tenneco’s nieuwste elektronische ventielen verhogen efficiëntie

FRANKFURT, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Tenneco heeft vandaag zijn nieuwe generatie elektronisch bestuurbare ventielen onthuld op de Frankfurt Motor Show 2015. De ventielen, die zijn ontworpen ter ondersteuning van uitlaatgasrecirculatie (EGR) bij lage druk voor dieselmotoren en het afstemmen van benzinemotoren, heeft een uniek modulair ontwerp dat autofabrikanten flexibiliteit geeft in het ontwerp van motoren.

“We zijn getuige geweest van een grote verschuiving in onze ventieltechnologie, sinds deze drie jaar geleden is geïntroduceerd”, zei Tim Jackson van Tenneco. “Tenneco’s nieuwste generatie ventielen heeft zich ontwikkeld tot een modulair, schaalbaar ontwerp dat licht is en makkelijk past in elk ontwerp. De nieuwe ventielen zijn op aanvraag op maat te maken, wat klanten veel tijd en geld bespaart. Bovendien kan het ventiel bij EGR-toepassingen uitlaatgastemperaturen tot wel 750 graden Celsius aan, wat stikstofuitstoot efficiënt verlaagt.”

Tenneco Latest Generation Electronic Valve Technology Driving Fuel Efficiency, Performance

FRANKFURT, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Tenneco (NYSE: TEN) today unveiled its latest generation of electronically controlled valves at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. The valves, which are designed to support low pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for diesel engines and acoustic tuning for gasoline engines, feature a unique new modular design which offers vehicle manufacturers custom flexibility and adaptability for any engine architecture.

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Tenneco's latest generation electronic valves feature a unique new modular design, which offers vehi ... Tenneco’s latest generation electronic valves feature a unique new modular design, which offers vehicle manufacturers custom flexibility and adaptability for any engine architecture. (Photo: Business Wire)

“We’ve seen a dramatic shift with our valve technology since its introduction just three years ago,” said Tim Jackson, executive vice president and chief technology officer, Tenneco. “Tenneco’s latest generation valve has evolved to a modular, scalable design that is lightweight, can be easily packaged to fit within any engine architecture and offers on-demand customization, which provides significant cost and time savings for customers. Additionally, the valve can accommodate exhaust temperature specifications up to 750 °C for EGR applications, which enables efficient NOx reduction – even with highly loaded engine conditions and high return flow rates.”

Tenneco’s latest generation valve features a dynamic flap control designed to generate optimal pressure conditions for efficient EGR and also provides fail-safe operation. The actuator is interchangeable using a simple mounting concept without any loose interface components and the valve’s flexible actuator orientation allows for simple installation in any engine control environment, without the need to change parts.

The valve delivers important acoustical benefits as well. Whether during engine start or while idling, the flap minimizes internal leakage, which helps to optimize sound quality. The electronically controlled variable flap remains closed during normal driving conditions for a quieter ride and opens during harder acceleration, creating lower backpressure, higher attenuation and more engine power for maximum efficiency.

“Tenneco’s new valve design serves as another important example of how our emissions technologies serve as enablers for improving fuel efficiency and helping customers meet important emissions regulations like EU6c, while maximizing engine performance,” Jackson said. “In the future, we’ll continue to see valve technology evolve into hotter areas of the vehicle and we are already in development with valves that provide exhaust heat recovery solutions to address that need.”

Tenneco is displaying these and other clean air and ride performance technologies at its exhibit during the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, September 15-27, Hall 5.1, Stand A20.

Tenneco is an $8.4 billion global manufacturing company with headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois and approximately 29,000 employees worldwide. Tenneco is one of the world’s largest designers, manufacturers and marketers of clean air and ride performance products and systems for automotive and commercial vehicle original equipment markets and the aftermarket. Tenneco’s principal brand names are Monroe®, Walker®, XNOx™ and Clevite®Elastomer.


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