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PubMatic presteert sterk in eerste halfjaar 2015 en groeit met 200 procent

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– PubMatic, automatiseerder van marketing voor reclame-uitgevers, heeft vandaag bekendgemaakt dat het bedrijf in de eerste helft van 2015 met meer dan 200 procent is gegroeid ten opzichte van dezelfde periode vorig jaar. Deze prestatie is een afspiegeling van huidige trends binnen de reclame-uitgeverij. De positie van PubMatic als sterke partner in het uitgeven van mobiele reclame vertoont een blijvend stijgende lijn.

“PubMatic anticipeert en speelt in op constante verschuivingen binnen het medialandschap”, zei Evan Krauss, vicevoorzitter van PubMatic. “Uitgevers en adverteerders herbezinnen zich op strategieën voor budgettering van mobiele advertenties en kijken naar innovatieve formats die ze in hun plannen kunnen incorporeren. Vooruitblikkend op een mobielgerichte wereld is het belangrijk om deze formats te vinden en obstakels voor het verwezenlijken van alle mogelijkheden weg te werken.”


PubMatic’s Mobile Business Continues Strong Performance in the First Half of 2015, Growing More Than 200 Percent, Year-Over-Year

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– PubMatic, the marketing automation software company for publishers, today announced that in the first half of 2015, its mobile business grew more than 200 percent, year-over-year. This strong performance reflects current trends in the publishing industry and PubMatic’s position as a strong partner to its publishers as mobile advertising spending continues to surge.

“PubMatic’s business continues to anticipate and adapt to the constant shifts occurring in the media landscape,” said Evan Krauss, vice president at PubMatic. “Publishers and advertisers are re-focusing their strategies to increase their mobile ad budgets, and are looking for innovative formats to incorporate into their plans. As we look ahead to a mobile-centric world, it is important to identify these formats and address the challenges preventing them from realizing full potential.”

This announcement comes at the same time as the company’s release of the second in a series of three Mobile Point of View (mPOV) studies, Delivering on the Promise of Mobile Video .The paper breaks down the current state of mobile video within the greater context of digital media and the role of key stakeholders, including publishers, buyers, technology partners and media consumers.

The stakes for publishers and advertisers are higher with mobile video than preceding formats, because consumers have greater expectations for high quality experiences. The digital media industry faces an array of challenges in mobile video:

  1. Advertisers’ Demand for Inventory Outpaces Publishers’ Supply:
    Premium publishers are increasing their investments in video, developing more sophisticated strategies and placing video content in more prominent locations. These efforts aim to generate more quality video inventory for brand advertisers and better experiences for consumers.
  2. Lack of Recognized Industry Standards and Metrics:
    Due to the budding nature of mobile video, major disparities exist in standards including pricing, metrics such as viewability, and what constitutes a video ad. Mobile video formats extend beyond pre and post-roll clips on webpages to include in-app ads, auto-play ads within newsfeeds and new formats that might emerge in the future. By eliminating manual direct sales and implementing programmatic strategies, publishers can increase transparency in pricing trends and viewability metrics and strengthen buyer confidence.
  3. Cross-Platform Complexities in Buying and Management:
    These challenges emphasize the need for publishers and buyers to move away from siloed tools and toward marketing automation platforms. This will result in a more unified view of the consumer for brands, and publishers’ ability to analyze, package and uncover hidden value in their inventory.

Please visit this page to learn more and read the full report.

About PubMatic

PubMatic is the leading marketing automation software company for publishers. Through real-time analytics, yield management, and workflow automation, PubMatic enables publishers to make smarter inventory decisions and improve revenue performance. Focused on serving the needs of premium publishers, PubMatic inspires buyer confidence by providing flexibility in audience discovery and planning media campaigns through its Media Console and APIs. The company’s marketing automation software platform provides a global roster of comScore publishers with a single view into their advertiser relationships across every screen, every channel and every format. PubMatic was ranked by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing companies in the US Internet sector for the third consecutive year in 2014. The company has offices worldwide, and is headquartered in Redwood City, California.

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