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GSMA blij met grote implementatie eIDAS-verordening

BRUSSEL–(BUSINESS WIRE)– De GSMA prijst de recente aankondiging van de Europese Commissie dat de implementatie van de Verordening voor elektronische identificatie- en vertrouwensdiensten (eIDAS) is voltooid. De Europese Unie is daarmee de eerste en enige regio die een werkbaar en gebalanceerd juridisch raamwerk voor grensoverschrijdende elektronische identificatie- en vertrouwensdiensten heeft. Dit stelt consumenten en bedrijven in staat veilig gebruik te maken van online diensten en transacties uit te voeren via internet.

“De GSMA waardeert het werk van de Europese Commissie en steunt de eIDA-verordering van harte. De verordening stimuleert economische groei in Europa en promoot eID-programma’s in alle lidstaten”, zei Afke Schaart, vicevoorzitter van de GSMA in Europa. “De uitrol van eIDAS betekent dat burgers en bedrijven profiteren van verhoogde veiligheid en comfortabelere toegang tot een brede keur aan online diensten, zoals die voor belastingaangiften, het inschrijven aan een buitenlandse universiteit, het op afstand openen van een bankrekening, het oprichten van een bedrijf in een andere lidstaat, autorisatie van online betalingen en meedingen naar een openbare aanbesteding via internet.”

The GSMA Welcomes News of the First Major Implementation of the eIDAS Regulation

BRUSSELS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The GSMA commends the European Commission’s recent announcement that the adoption of key implementing acts of the Electronic-identification and trust service (eIDAS) Regulation is now complete. The European Union is the first and only region in the world that now has a workable and balanced legal framework for cross-border use of electronic identification (eID) and trust services, enabling consumers and businesses to safely access services and undertake transactions online.

“The GSMA appreciates the work of the Commission and strongly supports the eIDAS regulation, which will help boost economic growth in Europe and the promotion and deployment of eID schemes across Member States,” said Afke Schaart, Vice President Europe, GSMA. “Rolling out eIDAS will mean that citizens and businesses will benefit from higher security and more convenient access for a wealth of online services, such as submitting tax declarations, enrolling in a foreign university, remotely opening a bank account, setting up a business in another Member State, authenticating internet payments and bidding for an online call for tender, among others.”

The GSMA and its members have been very active in supporting the need for authentication and through the GSMA’s Mobile Connect solution, are able to offer mobile operator-facilitated authentication services that provide simple, secure and convenient access to online services from a mobile phone, desktop or tablet. Mobile Connect utilises the user’s unique mobile number and an optional PIN for added security, to verify and authenticate the user everywhere they see the Mobile Connect button. In the future, it will offer enhanced capabilities, such as authorisation of users through individual personal data factors, for example location.

For consumers, Mobile Connect will help simplify and streamline their online experience and for businesses, it can help lower the cost of doing business. The value of the GSMA’s Mobile Connect service for governments lies in its ability to drive an uptake in e-government services. Mobile Connect will provide increased convenience and accessibility for citizens, strong security and enhanced privacy, and lower implementation costs.

Schaart continued, “The GSMA urges national governments and regulatory bodies to engage with the GSMA’s Mobile Connect initiative to help ensure that the unique strengths of mobile for identification and authentication are made available as widely as possible. Mobile identity services will play a key role in unlocking the potential of Europe’s digital and personal data economy and drive trust and confidence in the adoption and use of innovative digital content and services as we progress towards the Digital Single Market.”

For further information on Mobile Connect and the GSMA’s Personal Data programme please visit: www.gsma.com/personaldata/mobile-connect.

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