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BOARD International introduceert BOARD 10

CHIASSO, Zwitserland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BOARD International, de toonaangevende aanbieder van software voor die business intelligence, analyse en prestatiebeheer samenvoegt, heeft vandaag bekendgemaakt dat BOARD 10 algemeen verkrijgbaar is. BOARD 10 is de nieuwste versie van het alles-in-éénplatform voor business intelligence, analyse en CPM.

BOARD 10 stelt organisaties in staat de volle kracht van BOARD te benutten in één omgeving die de robuuste en beveiligde architectuur heeft van het Amzon Web Services-platform.

Het cloudaanbod van BOARD 10 bevat een reeks voorverpakte toepassingen voor financiële planning en analyse, financiële consolidatie en RFM-analyse. Hierdoor hebben BOARD-partners de beschikking over een innovatieve omgeving met analytische SaaS-toepassingen voor BOARD-klanten.”


BOARD International introduces BOARD 10


CHIASSO, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– BOARD International, the leading global provider of software for unified Business Intelligence, Analytics and Performance Management, today announced the general availability of BOARD 10, the latest release of its all-in-one platform for BI, Analytics and CPM.

BOARD 10 will allow organizations to harness the full power of the BOARD all-in-one environment in the cloud, combining unified BI, Analytics and CPM with the architectural robustness and security of the Amazon Web Services platform.

BOARD’s cloud offering will include a set of pre-packaged applications for Financial Planning and Analysis, Financial Consolidation and RFM analysis (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) and will make available to BOARD partners an innovative environment to deliver SaaS analytic applications to BOARD customers.

BOARD 10 also will introduce the “Data Fast Track,” a new self-service data modelling functionality to allow business users to easily connect to any data source, instantly create data models and immediately run visual analyses or build analytical applications, without the help of IT.

Users also will be able to enrich data models by automatically blending additional data sets or by creating derived fields in an Excel-like environment.

Because Data Fast Track is natively integrated within the BOARD platform, IT will find it easy to promote business models created by users to the enterprise level, maintaining full corporate data governance.

“BOARD 10 bridges the gap between user self-service and enterprise-class BI and CPM, ensuring complete independency to the business without compromising the platform’s capability to support full-scale decision making processes,” said Giovanni Grossi, BOARD International CEO. “Moreover, BOARD 10 makes the delivery model a matter of choice: customers can easily implement it on premise, in hosting or on a public cloud with the same reliability and robustness,” he added.

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BOARD International has enabled more than 3,000 companies worldwide to rapidly deploy BI and CPM applications on a single integrated and programming-free platform, in a fraction of the time or cost required by traditional BI solutions. The BOARD platform provides a single, accurate and complete view of an organization’s information, fully integrated with enterprise processes, while uniquely planning and monitoring performance from strategic down to operational detail.

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