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EZDRM brengt Hosted Widevine Modular DRM naar de Microsoft Azure Marketplace

AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EZDRM Inc., wereldmarktleider in DRM-technologie, heeft samen met Movidone SAS de beschikbaarheid van zijn Google Widevine Modular DRM voor de Microsoft Azure Marketplace aangekondigd op de International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), die van 10 tot 15 september plaats heeft. EZDRM levert Google Widevine-licenties voor content die door Microsoft Azure Media Services is versleuteld en gestreamd. Dit stelt klanten in staat apparaten met Chrome of Android te bereiken met Google Widevine.

Het EZDRM-aanbod, dat in samenwerking met Movidone is ontwikkeld, is gebouwd als aanvulling op Azure Media Services. De technologie vervult deze rol door contentleveranciers de keuze uit alle mogelijke bescherming in de cloud. Zodra de content wordt beschermd, bindt EZDRM zich aan het bedrijfssysteem en stelt DRM-licenties in bij iedere aanvraag. Daarnaast stelt de API Azure Media Services softwareverkopers in staat complete systemen te bouwen met behulp van het pakket EZDRM CENC DRM.


EZDRM Brings Hosted Widevine Modular DRM to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)– This week at the 2015 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), Sept. 10-15, EZDRM Inc., a global leader in hosted DRM technology delivery, in partnership with Movidone SAS, announced the availability of a hosted Google Widevine Modular DRM solution for the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. EZDRM provides Google Widevine License delivery for content encrypted and streamed by Microsoft Azure Media Services. This enables customers to reach devices running Chrome and Android with Google Widevine.

The EZDRM offering, jointly developed with Movidone, is built to complement Azure Media Services by allowing digital content providers on Azure to select any media assets to be processed for protection in the cloud. Once the content is protected, the EZDRM system ties into the client’s business logic and dynamically sets DRM licensing rules per each request. Additionally, the Azure Media Services API structure allows software vendors to build complete end-to-end solutions, utilizing the EZDRM CENC DRM packaging as part of their Azure work flow.

The EZDRM CENC component for Azure Media Services supports on-demand and live streaming encryption based upon MPEG-DASH Common Encryption (CENC) standard utilizing both Google Widevine Modular DRM provided by Movidone in conjunction with Microsoft PlayReady DRM. The use of CENC encryption over DASH technology is approved by all major studios and is supported on PC and Mac computers, connected devices, as well as iOS and Android devices.

“Azure Media Services, has propelled cloud based media delivery for businesses small and large” said David Eisenbacher, CEO and Co-Founder, EZDRM Inc. “With our License Delivery services, which would not be possible without our partners at Movidone, EZDRM will offer License delivery for either Google Widevine Modular DRM or Microsoft PlayReady DRM for DASH delivery.”

“EZDRM has been a long-time collaborator with Azure Media Services and now with the addition of Google Widevine License delivery, they have a compelling offering for anyone looking to stream premium content to the diverse device and browser ecosystem” said Vishal Sood, Principal Project Manager, Microsoft Azure.


EZDRM is a leader in providing hosted Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions, enabling content owners and Internet-based media distributors an efficient, cost-effective and superior method of content control. EZDRM solutions are ideal for live, VOD, downloadable offline playback, video offerings. EZDRM customers are able to expand their viewership and create new revenue streams from their content assets. For more information visit http://www.EZDRM.com.

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