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BATS Global Markets rapporteert recordmarktaandeel van aandelen- en optietak in augustus; Europese aandelentak heeft marktaandeel van 25 procent

KANSAS CITY, Mo., NEW YORK & LONDEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– BATS Global Markets (BATS) heeft vandaag resultaten en de belangrijkste punten van augustus gerapporteerd, met onder meer een recordmarktaandeel van zijn Amerikaanse aandelen- en optietak.

In de Verenigde Staten haalde BATS’ bedrijf voor aandelenhandel in augustus een marktaandeel van 22 procent. Daarmee verbrak BATS’ optietak zijn eerdere marktaandeelrecord van 21,4 procent in oktober 2014 en groeide het bedrijf ook ten opzichte van juli, toen het marktaandeel 21 procent was. Het dagelijkse gemiddelde handelsvolume op BATS Exchanges was 1,74 miljard aandelen, tegen 1,07 miljard aandelen in dezelfde periode vorig jaar. BATS was in augustus wederom de grootste markt voor ETF’s, met 27 procent van het gehele ETF-volume.

BATS Global Markets Reports Record U.S. Equity and Options Market Share in August; European Equities Market Share Reaches 25.0%

KANSAS CITY, Mo., NEW YORK & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– BATS Global Markets (BATS) today reported August data and highlights including record market share in both its U.S. equities and U.S. options businesses.

In U.S. equities, BATS reported market share of 22.0% in August, surpassing the previous record of 21.4% set in October 2014, and increasing from 21.0% in July. Average daily matched volume on the BATS Exchanges was 1.74 billion shares, up from 1.07 billion shares one year ago. BATS also remained the #1 U.S. market for exchange-traded fund (ETF) trading in August, executing 27.0% of all ETF volume.

In U.S. options, BATS reported market share of 10.9% in August, surpassing the previous record of 10.8% set in July 2015. In August, BATS was also the market leader in single-leg equity option trades with 17.3% market share, up from 16.9% in July when BATS was also the market leader 1. BATS set a one-day record of 4.5 million contracts traded on August 21 and a one-day market share record of 12.4% on August 28.

In Europe, BATS Chi-X Europe recorded its second-best market share month in 2015 at 25.0%. On August 24, the exchange registered a new record in notional value traded of €28.3 billion and BXTR, the company’s trade reporting facility, remained #1 in Europe, with €341.5 billion reported, an average of €16.3 billion per trading day.

Hotspot, BATS’ institutional spot foreign exchange market, posted average daily volume of $28.3 billion in August vs. $28.9 billion one year ago. Total volume traded on Hotspot in August was $594.3 billion (21 trading days) vs. $606.9 billion one year ago (21 trading days).

In all, the BATS markets executed $129.3 billion of notional volume per day in August.

August 2015 Volume and Market Share Overview

U.S. Equities (BATS Exchanges – BZX, BYX, EDGA, EDGX) August 2015
Overall Industry – Average Daily Consolidated Volume 7.92 billion shares
BATS Exchanges – Matched Market Share 22.0%
BATS Exchanges – Average Daily Matched Volume 1.74 billion shares
U.S. Equity Options (BATS Options)
BATS Options (BZX Options) – Matched Market Share 10.9%
BATS Options (BZX Options) – Average Daily Matched Volume 2,178,052 contracts
European Equities (BATS Chi-X Europe)
Pan-European Consolidated Volume 2 – Average Daily Notional Value €51.8 billion
BATS Chi-X Europe – Overall European Market Share 25.0%
BATS Chi-X Europe – Total Notional Value Traded €271.5 billion
BATS Chi-X Europe – Average Daily Notional Value €12.9 billion

European Trade Reporting (BXTR)

BXTR – Total Notional Value Reported €341.5 billion
BXTR – Average Daily Notional Value Reported €16.3 billion
Foreign Exchange (Hotspot)
Total Volume Traded (U.S. Dollar) $594.3 billion
Average Daily Volume (ADV) $28.3 billion

1 Source: Trade Alert data
2 Based on BATS Chi-X Europe market coverage, available at www.batstrading.co.uk

Additional monthly highlights are outlined below by business line.

U.S. Equities and Options – Highlights, Volume and Market Share Statistics

  • On August 10, BATS received SEC approval for its second U.S. options market, EDGX Options, which it is on schedule to launch on November 2, 2015.
  • During August, the BZX Exchange ranked 1 st or 2 nd in quality of trading in 62% of the stocks in the S&P 500 ® Index, as measured by effective spread, according to the BATS market quality statistics.
  • Combined, the BATS Exchanges had the lowest effective spread in 64 of the top 100 exchange-traded products in August.
  • The five most actively-traded options classes on BZX Options during August were the Standard & Poor’s Depositary Receipt ETF Trust (SPY), Apple Inc. (AAPL), PowerShares QQQ Trust, Series 1 ETF (QQQ), iShares Russell 2000 Index ETF (IWM), and Facebook Inc. (FB).
U.S. EQUITIES: BATS Exchanges (BYX, BZX, EDGA, EDGX) Volume and Market Share
August 2015 August 2014
BATS Exchanges percentage of overall U.S. equities market share 22.0% 20.5%
Average daily volume (ADV) traded on BATS Exchanges 1.74 billion shares 1.07 billion shares
Total industry volume 7.92 billion shares 5.24 billion shares
Total notional value traded on BATS Exchanges $1.43 trillion $916.0 billion
Average daily notional value traded on BATS Exchanges $67.9 billion $43.6 billion
BATS overall market share – Tape A securities 19.2% 18.4%
BATS overall market share – Tape B securities 26.9% 25.0%
BATS overall market share – Tape C securities 23.3% 21.7%
BATS overall market share in ETF trading 27.0% 25.9% 3
BATS 1000 Index monthly performance and close -5.9%




3 ETF data is sequential

For additional U.S. equities market volume information: BATS U.S. Equities Market Volume Summary

U.S. OPTIONS: BATS Options Volume and Market Share
August 2015 August 2014
Average daily matched volume (contracts) 2,178,052 793,542
Average daily matched volume (market share) 10.9% 5.3%

For additional U.S. Options market volume information: BATS U.S. Options Market Volume Summary

European Equities – BATS Chi-X Europe Highlights, Volume and Market Share Statistics

BATS Chi-X Europe Market Share by Market 4

(In millions, except percentages)

August 2015 August 2014
BATS Chi-X Europe overall market share 25.0% 22.1%
BATS Chi-X Europe Average daily notional value € 12,929.4 €7,392.5
Displayed average daily notional value € 11,690.2 €6,691.6
Non-displayed 5 average daily notional value € 1,239.2 €700.9
London market overall 25.5% 23.8%
FTSE 100 securities 27.0% 25.8%
FTSE 250 securities 24.1% 21.4%
Paris market overall 27.2% 23.3%
CAC 40 securities 28.3% 23.6%
CAC Next20 securities 27.0% 24.6%
Frankfurt market overall 29.1% 26.3%
DAX 30 securities 30.8% 28.6%
MDAX securities 31.8% 25.2%
TecDAX securities 24.6% 9.7%
Amsterdam market overall 25.4% 21.3%
AEX securities 26.2% 22.0%
AMX securities 20.1% 19.6%
Brussels market overall 26.1% 22.7%
BEL 20 securities 25.4% 22.7%
Milan market overall 16.1% 15.4%
FTSE MIB securities 17.3% 16.2%
Zurich market overall 23.5% 19.3%
SMI securities 25.9% 21.1%
SMIM securities 21.6% 20.1%
Nordic market overall 22.5% 23.1%
Helsinki OMXH25 securities 28.3% 25.4%
Stockholm OMXS30 securities 24.3% 25.4%
Copenhagen OMXC20 securities 22.4% 21.3%
Oslo OBX securities 19.1% 20.9%
Vienna market overall 17.3% 18.2%
ATX securities 18.0% 18.9%
Lisbon market overall 18.1% 10.5%
PSI-20 securities 18.2% 10.7%
Dublin market overall 13.7% 8.9%
ISEQ 20 securities 13.8% 8.9%
Madrid market overall 23.6% 14.7%
IBEX 35 securities 24.4% 15.5%

Key Indices

EUROSTOXX 50 securities 26.8% 23.0%
FTSE RIOB 11.2% 8.6%

4 Represent consolidated figures for BXE and CXE lit and dark books, unless otherwise noted.
5 BXE and CXE non-displayed order books.

For additional European equities market volume information: BATS Pan-European Market Volume Summary

Foreign Exchange – Hotspot Highlights, Volume and Market Share Statistics 6

Hotspot daily, monthly, and quarterly volumes are posted on the Hotspot website.

  • Hotspot remains on schedule to launch its new London matching engine in the Equinix LD4 data center on Monday, September 14, 2015. Hotspot will offer free trading on the London matching engine through the end of this year.
  • Hotspot will also be migrating its U.S. matching engine to the Equinix NY5 data center on Monday, November 9, 2015.
Hotspot Market Statistics
August 2015 August 2014
Total Volume Traded (U.S. Dollar) $594.3 billion $606.9 billion
Average Daily Volume (ADV) $28.3 billion $28.9 billion
Number of Trading Days 21 21
Hotspot Volume Percentage Breakdown
August 2015 August 2014
Europe 41.0% 44.9%
Americas 43.5% 41.2%
Asia 15.5% 13.9%
Top Five currency pairs in August by volume percentage
Currency Pair Percentage
EUR/USD 24.4%
USD/JPY 17.8%
GBP/USD 11.8%
AUD/USD 9.3%
USD/CAD 8.1%

6 Market share figures are for full month. BATS closed its acquisition of Hotspot on March 13, 2015. Hotspot volumes represent the notional value in U.S. dollars of all trades executed on the platform, counting one side of the transaction. Hotspot Volume Percentage Breakdown is based on the times at which the trades were executed, based on EST (i.e. EST: Asia: 5pm-2am, Europe: 2am-9am, US: 9am-5pm).

About BATS Global Markets, Inc.

BATS Global Markets, Inc., a leading global operator of exchanges and services for financial markets, is committed to Making Markets Better for traders, investors and issuers. In Europe, BATS operates the largest pan-European equities exchange, offering trading and listing services across 15 major European markets, as well as BXTR, the continent’s largest trade reporting facility. In the U.S., BATS operates four stock exchanges – BZX, BYX, EDGX and EDGA – and regularly ranks as the top market for ETF and retail-driven liquidity. The company is a listing venue for ETFs and other structured products, also operates a U.S. equity options market, BATS BZX Options, and is launching BATS EDGX Options later in 2015. Globally, BATS serves the foreign exchange (FX) market, the world’s largest asset class, with Hotspot, a leading institutional spot foreign exchange market. With its world-class technology and relentless customer focus, BATS strives to bring efficiency, transparency and fairness to market participants. The company is headquartered in Kansas City with offices in New York, London, Chicago and Singapore. Further information on BATS can be found at www.bats.com and by following us on Twitter @BATSGlobal.


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