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Veiligheidsdepartement politie Abu Dhabi krijgt complimenten van Londense collega’s

ABU DHABI, Verenigde Arabische Emiraten–(BUSINESS WIRE)– De London Metropolitan Police heeft lof voor het hoge niveau van officieren van het departement voor veiligheid van de politie van Abu Dhabi. Het Britste politieonderdeel prees de vaardigheden, professionaliteit en efficiëntie van de officieren bij het uitvoeren van moeilijke opdrachten. De politie van Abu Dhabi staat daarmee op gelijke hoogte met internationale expert op dit gebied.

Een delegatie van het departement voor veiligheid van de politie van Abu Dhabi reisde onder leiding van kapitein Jassem Muhammad Al Zaabi, patrouilleur van het departement, af naar Londen voor een bezoek van twee weken. In deze veertien dagen nam de delegatie deel aan dagelijkse patrouilles en verscheidene trainingen van de Londense politie. Het bezoek had plaats in het kader van een uitwisselingsprogramma en internationale samenwerking door veiligheidsdiensten en politie-eenheden.


Abu Dhabi Police Security Support Lauded by Metropolitan Police for Their Distinguished Abilities


ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates–(BUSINESS WIRE)– London Metropolitan Police officials have lauded the advanced level of Abu Dhabi Police Security Support Department’s officers; praising their distinguished abilities and high efficiency in carrying out the difficult tasks with remarkable professionalism, on par with the best international experts in this field.

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Chief of Operations at the London Metropolitan Police with the staff of ADP Security Support (Photo: ... Chief of Operations at the London Metropolitan Police with the staff of ADP Security Support (Photo: ME NewsWire)

A delegation of the Security Support Department at Abu Dhabi Police, headed by Captain Jassem Muhammad Al Zaabi, Patrol Officer at Security Support Department, had recently travelled to London for a two-week visit to take part in the daily patrol field tasks and various training activities of the London Metropolitan Police. The visit falls within the framework of the international cooperation efforts in security and police fields and the expertise exchange program.

Inspector Lee Spittlehouse, Training Manager at the MPSTC, said that he was impressed by the Security Support members’ exceptional firearm skills, marksmanship, professionalism, and dexterity when handling difficult tasks. He also commended the Abu Dhabi Police for the notable improvement and for their collaborative efforts with various international police entities. He said that it was clear that such cooperation has raised the efficiency and skillset of its personnel, and that through reviewing the experience of others, the ADP is capable of providing distinguished and world-class police services.

Dave Moss, Chief of Operations at the London Metropolitan Police, expressed his admiration for the delegation’s professionalism and sophistication in carrying out difficult and dangerous tasks. He also expressed his admiration for their expertise, physical fitness, and their intellect; placing them amongst the most effective security members worldwide.

According to Colonel Khaled Al Shamesi, Head of Security Support Department at Abu Dhabi Police, the visit aimed to promote the exchange of field police expertise in the areas of security support. “As an embodiment of the comprehensive strategic objectives of the Ministry of Interior, the police leadership are committed to developing the capabilities of the national cadres through the provision of vocational training programs to enhance the professional and technical competence of our personnel,” he said.

The joint trainings included the use of advanced equipment and devices to handle moderate and high-risk security incidents as per the European standards adopted by the Metropolitan Police Specialist Training Centre (MPSTC) of the London Metropolitan Police. The high-risk trainings incorporated various scenarios and operations for raids, controlling locations, and security reports. Trainings also included drills and methods for tactical firearm use and marksmanship; alongside implementing various security scenarios.

As a part of the training drills, the delegation exchanged expertise on ways to accomplish the best results with minimal losses and casualties. They also exchanged expertise in drills related to the search and inspection of buildings alongside the use of less-lethal weapons to apprehend suspects, control incidents, and implement critical missions in a timely manner.

Commenting on the visit, Captain Jassem Muhammad Al Zaabi said: “The exchange of expertise was a success and we were able to achieve the objective of the task through implementing the best international standards in the field of training and security scenarios.”

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