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Motiva vestigt met eemods’15 aandacht op snelle ontwikkeling elektrische motoren

HELSINKI–(BUSINESS WIRE)– De internationale conferentie eemods ’15 vindt van 15 tot 17 september plaats in Helsinki, in het Sokos Hotelli Presidentti (Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 4). De conferentie vestigt de aandacht op efficiënt energieverbruik in systemen die worden aangedreven door een motor. Mediawerknemers zijn welkom op dit evenement, waar ze kennismaken met de nieuwste milieuvriendelijke systemen en aanverwante onderzoeksresultaten.

De driedaagse conferentie brengt onderzoekers, planners, producenten, gebruikers van elektrische motoren en overheidsvertegenwoordigers uit meer dan twintig landen samen.

De openingssessie van de conferentie staat onder leiding van Tommy Jacobson, ceo van CLICK Innovation Oy. Jacobson benadrukt dat energiezuiniger beleid van het grootste belang is voor het matigen van klimaatverandering  en het veiligstellen van toereikende natuurlijke hulpbronnen voor toekomstige generaties.

Eemods’15 Conference Organized by Motiva to Highlight Dramatic Developments in Electric Motors


HELSINKI–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The international eemods’15 Conference on Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems will be held on 15th–17th September in Helsinki, at Sokos Hotelli Presidentti (Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 4). Media representatives are welcome to attend and find out about the latest environmentally-friendly solutions and research findings.

The three-day conference will bring together researchers, planners, manufacturers, the users of electric motors and representatives of authorities from over 20 countries on five continents.

The conference’s opening session will be chaired by Tommy Jacobson, CEO of CLICK Innovation Oy. Jacobson has emphasised that improving energy efficiency is the most important way to mitigate climate change and ensure that sufficient natural resources will be available for future generations.

“To take advantage of the opportunities offered by energy efficiency, however, we need everyone from individual citizens and businesses to academics and other social actors to collaborate and share the will to make improvements,” says Jacobson.

Ground-breaking Finnish research with the potential to shake up industry

The world’s first prototype permanent magnet synchronous motor with carbon nanotube yarn windings has been designed and developed at Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT). The motor’s windings are made of carbon nanotube yarn instead of the copper used in conventional motors. This new technology could in future significantly improve the energy efficiency and performance of electric motors, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

If successful, the new technology could lead to dramatic changes in the whole industry in the long term. Professor Juha Pyrhönen of LUT, who has led the design work on this unique motor, will present his team’s outcomes at the Helsinki conference on Wednesday 16 th September.

“Carbon nanotube yarn is lighter and more environmentally friendly than copper,” says Pyrhönen. “Replacing motors’ copper wiring with carbon nanotube yarn would reduce carbon dioxide emissions during both the production and the use of machines. Machines would at the same time become lighter and significantly more able to tolerate heat.”

The eemods’15 conference has been organised by Motiva Services, ABB and the European Joint Research Center, in collaboration with CLICK and Lappeenranta University of Technology.

Media representatives wishing to attend eemods’15 are asked to preferably register in advance by e-mail with Motiva’s Communications Manager Sirpa Mustonen (sirpa.mustonen@motiva.fi),

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