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Panasonic ontwikkelt bladen tegen elektromagnetische interferentie en voor hitteafvoer

OSAKA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Panasonic Corporation heeft vandaag bekendgemaakt dat het bladen voor de vermindering van elektromagnetische interferentie en hitteafvoer heeft ontwikkeld, een unicum binnen de sector. De vellen zijn bedoeld voor de vermindering van elektromagnetische interferentie binnen dunne mobiele terminals, boorduitrusting en industriële benodigdheden. De bladen hebben daarnaast eigenschappen voor het hoogste niveau van warmteafdrijving binnen de sector. Daarnaast zijn ze dun en flexibel, zodat ze ook binnen kleine ruimtes toepasbaar zijn. Naar verwachting begint grootschalige productie van het product in september 2017 en zijn de bladen vanaf september 2018 te bestellen.

Halfgeleiders en batterijen in mobiele apparaten en apparatuur binnen een voertuig zijn potentiële bronnen van elektromagnetische interferentie, die de ontvangstgevoeligheid van apparatuur kunnen aantasten of defecten veroorzaken. Bovendien wordt dergelijke apparatuur steeds kleiner en dunner, waardoor maatregelen tegen thermale en elektromagnetische interferentie noodzakelijk worden.


Panasonic Develops Electromagnetic Noise Suppression and Heat Diffusion Integrated Sheets


OSAKA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Panasonic Corporation today announced that it has developed the industry’s first* 1 “electromagnetic noise suppression and heat diffusion integrated sheets”, which are suited for thermal and electromagnetic noise (EMC) reduction for thin mobile terminals, on-board equipment, and industrial equipment. The sheets have electromagnetic noise suppression properties as well as the highest level* 2 of heat diffusion properties in the industry, and are thin and flexible so that they can be used in a very limited space. Full-scale sample delivery is planned to commence in September 2017, and order placement is offered from September 2018.
*1 As of August 18, 2015 (based on our internal research)
*2 As of August 18, 2015, as a thermal diffusion sheet (based on our internal research)

This Smart News Release features multimedia. View the full release here: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20150821005157/en/

Electromagnetic Noise Suppression and Heat Diffusion Integrated Sheets (Photo: Business Wire)Electromagnetic Noise Suppression and Heat Diffusion Integrated Sheets (Photo: Business Wire)

Semiconductors and batteries within mobile terminals and on-board equipment are potential sources of heat or electromagnetic noise, which may reduce receiving sensitivity or cause malfunction of equipment. In addition, such terminals and equipment are required to become even smaller and thinner, requiring countermeasures against thermal and electromagnetic noise when they are used within the limited space available in the equipment.

We have successfully produced this sheet by developing the following technologies:

  1. Dispersion/compression processing technology to allow a high-density orientation of homogeneous magnetic metal particles into resins
  2. Lamination technology to improve heat diffusion and noise suppression properties

Not only can this sheet function on its own as a countermeasure against heat and electromagnetic noise, but thanks to its thinness and flexibility, it can also be inserted into the narrow spaces within the housing of electronic equipment.

The main features of this sheet are as follows:

Item Specification
Frequency 500MHz to 6GHz
Temperature range From -40°C to +125°C
Thermal conductivity (a-b side) 1600W/m K

*Standard product size: 60mm × 110mm (length x width), thickness of 75μm and 100μm

This sheet will allow mobile terminals, on-board equipment, and industrial equipment to become smaller and display higher functionality.

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