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SynteractHCR geherkwalificeerd als lid van BVMA, nationale vereniging voor CRO’s in Duitsland

SAN DIEGO & MÜNCHEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SynteractHCR heeft onlangs met succes een nieuwe keuring door het Duitse Bundesverband der medizinischen Auftragsinstitute (BVMA) doorlopen. Met deze positieve herkeuring vernieuwt het bedrijf zijn certificaat en blijft het een door de BVMA goedgekeurde aanbieder van uitbesteed onderzoek in Duitsland.

De BVMA werd in juli 1991 opgericht als vertegenwoordiging van aanbieders van uitbesteed medisch onderzoek in Duitsland en andere Duitstalige landen. Aanbieders van onderzoek op contractbasis (CRO’s) moeten aan bepaalde voorwaarden voldoen en met succes een kwaliteitsexamen afleggen. Daarnaast moeten bedrijven minimaal twee jaar commercieel actief zijn als CRO in Duitsland en twee referentiebrieven van andere BVMA-leden overleggen. Daarnaast gaat een aspirant-lid akkoord met strenge ethische regels van de organisatie.


SynteractHCR Requalifies as Certified Member of BVMA, the Federal Association of CROs in Germany


SAN DIEGO & MUNICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)– SynteractHCR has recently passed a re-audit required by the BVMA, the Federal Association of Contract Research Organizations in Germany, to renew its certification to remain on the list of approved BVMA vendors in Germany.

BVMA was founded in July 1991 to represent CROs based in Germany or German-speaking countries. To become a member, CROs must meet certain criteria and successfully participate in and complete a quality assurance audit. Additional criteria include conducting commercial activity as a contract research organization in Germany for a minimum of two years and providing at least two letters of reference from other member companies. In addition, the applicant must agree to meet the organization’s strict code of ethics.

In order to ensure that each member continues to satisfy the high quality demands, all members voluntarily undergo re-auditing every three years. The General Assembly appoints an external organization to carry out this task and determines the focus of attention for each re-audit. This self-imposed measure ensures that all member companies maintain the high quality standard and allows them to gain credibility in the marketplace that sets them apart from non-member competitors.

“Both the initial review and the periodic re-audits provide peace of mind to our international customers that they can depend on the accuracy and quality of the clinical research services we provide,” says Director of Quality Assurance Monika Mayerhöfer at SynteractHCR. “We are proud to have been recertified as a member of BVMA and look forward to establishing even better relationships with the CRO and biopharma communities in Germany as a result of this re-certification.”

The member companies of the BVMA maintain a lively exchange of information on all topics of importance to the CRO industry, including questions of liability and insurance, education and training, and trends in the pharmaceutical and clinical research industry. Other associations, institutions and the press consider the BVMA as the authoritative body representing the interests of German CROs. All member companies are represented by the Executive Board of the BVMA for actions affecting the industry.

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SynteractHCR is a full-service contract research organization with a successful two-decade track record supporting biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical companies. SynteractHCR has conducted Phase I-IV studies on six continents and in more than 60 countries, offering expertise across multiple therapeutic areas, with notable depth in oncology, CNS, infectious disease, endocrinology, cardiovascular and respiratory. With its “Shared Work – Shared Vision” philosophy and ICD+ approach, SynteractHCR provides customized services collaboratively and cost effectively to provide “Tomorrow’s Treatments” to the patients who need them.


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