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Carbon Clean Solutions door World Economic Forum uitgeroepen tot technologisch pionier

GENÈVE–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Carbon Clean Solutions (CCS), een in Londen gevestigd technologische bedrijf, is vandaag door het World Economic Forum uitgeroepen tot een technologisch pionier. Het World Economic Forum verleent deze status jaarlijks aan een selectie van de meest innovatieve bedrijven ter wereld. CCS is opgericht door twee alumni van het Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpyur (India) en kreeg veel steun van het ministerie van energie en klimaatverandering van het Verenigd Koninkrijk en het Amerikaanse ministerie van energie. Het bedrijf maakt gepatenteerde oplosmiddelen die CO2 en andere ongewenste gassen uit rookgasstromen extraheert en daarmee conventionele chemische stoffen vervangt. De technologie van CCS maakt ook een drastische kostenbesparing voor CO2-afvang mogelijk.Daardoor wordt het voor fabrieken en elektriciteitscentrales economisch haalbaar om CO2 te hergebruiken voor commercieel levensvatbare producten.

Carbon Clean Solutions Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

GENEVA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Carbon Clean Solutions (CCS), a London-based energy technology company, was awarded today as one of the World Economic Forum’s “technology pioneers”, a selection of the world’s most innovative companies. CCS was founded by two graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (India) and has received strong support from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change as well as the US Department of Energy. The company’s patented solvents extract CO 2 and other unwanted gases from flue gas streams, replacing conventional amines. CCS’s technology dramatically reduces the cost of capturing CO 2, making it economic for industrial and power plants to re-use waste CO 2to produce economically viable products.

Carbon Clean Solutions was chosen by a professional jury among hundreds of candidates as one of the 49 selected companies. Thanks to its selection, it will have access to the most influential and sought-after business and political network in the world, and be invited to the World Economic Forum’s “Summer Davos” in Dalian, China, this September, or the Annual Meeting in Davos in January.

“We’re glad to see a company with Indian origins make it to the selection,” says Fulvia Montresor, Head of Technology Pioneers at the World Economic Forum. “Carbon Clean Solutions is part of a group of entrepreneurs who are more aware of the crucial challenges of the world around them, and who are determined to do their part to solve those challenges with their company.”

“We are passionate about helping the world to reduce its carbon emissions sustainably, and we are delighted to be recognized by the World Economic Forum for our breakthrough technologies,” says Aniruddha Sharma, CEO of Carbon Clean Solutions. “We are also grateful for the support from our government and industry partners that has allowed us to rapidly prove our technologies across a broad range of industrial processes, and now bring them to a market in need of the best solutions.”

As in previous years, American-based entrepreneurs continue to dominate the list of technology pioneers: they account for more than two-thirds of the recipients, followed by the United Kingdom (4), Israel and the Netherlands (2), and individual recipients of Canada, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and Taiwan, China. France and Spain were among the countries not counting a recipient.

The Technology Pioneers were selected from among hundreds of applicants by a selection committee of 68 academics, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and corporate executives. Notable members of the committee include Arianna Huffington (founder, Huffington Post) and Henry Blodget (editor-in-chief, Business Insider). The committee based its decisions on criteria including innovation, potential impact, working prototype, viability and leadership.

Past recipients include Google (2001), Wikimedia (2007), Mozilla (2007), Kickstarter (2011) and Dropbox (2011). More information on past winners can be found here.

For more information regarding this press release, please contact Peter Vanham, Media Lead, Technology Pioneers, at peter.vanham@weforum.org, or +41 79 620 91 29.

For further information on CCS, please contact CEO Aniruddha Sharma at Aniruddha@carboncleansolutions.com or visit the company website at www.carboncleansolutions.com.

The World Economic Forum is an international institution committed to improving the state of the world through public-private cooperation in the spirit of global citizenship. It engages with business, political, academic and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. Incorporated as a not-for-profit foundation in 1971 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the Forum is independent, impartial and not tied to any interests. It cooperates closely with all leading international organizations ( www.weforum.org).

Carbon Clean Solutions (CCS) is an innovation leader in carbon dioxide (CO 2) separation technology for industrial and gas treating applications. Its step change technology significantly reduces the costs and environmental impacts over existing CO 2 separation techniques.  With prime focus on innovation, CCS aim to provide customised low cost, energy efficient solutions for carbon dioxide separation to its customers. The company’s globally spread teams strive to help large scale CO 2 emitters in solving the challenges of continued usage of non-renewable fossil fuels, and reducing the environmental impact of high carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon Clean Solutions is a privately-held, UK-based company with offices in the US and India.


Peter Vanham, +41 79 620 91 29
Media Lead, Technology Pioneers
C arbon Clean Solutions
Aniruddha Sharma, CEO
Aniruddha@carboncleansolutions. com
www.carbo ncleansolutions.com.

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