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BBPOS onthult Chipper 2X – mobiel betaalpunt voor magneetstrip, EMV en NFC en Apple Pay, MasterCard PayPass en VISA payWave vanaf derde kwartaal beschikbaar

Chipper 2X is het nieuwste mobiele systeem voor kaartbetalingen van BBPOS, dat met zijn Chipper mPOS-producten al een toonaangevende vernieuwer is. Chipper 2X is de enige chipkaartlezer die compatibiliteit met magneetstrip, EMC en NFC en acceptatie van Apple Pay, MasterCard PayPass en VISA payWAVE in een compact apparaat verenigt. Chipper 2X staat na zijn debuut in derde kwartaal 2015 alleen aan de top.

HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)-BBPOS, wereldwijd toonaangevend in mobiele betaalpunten (mPOS), introduceert in het derde kwartaal van 2015 zijn Chipper 2X. Dit is het enige apparaat voor betaalkaartafrekeningen dat compatibiliteit voor contactloze betalingen met magneetstrip, EMV en NFC verenigt in een enkel, compact ontwerp. Na lancering van het product, over slechts enkele weken, hebben verkopers en organisaties de mogelijkheid te profiteren van een brede compatibiliteit en grote functionaliteit die gelijkaardige producten op de markt ontberen. Zo stelt de Chipper 2X gebruikers in staat betalingen met Apple Pay, MasterCard PayPass en VISA payWave te accepteren.

“Chipper 2X geeft het startsein voor een nieuw tijdperk vol ongelofelijk gemakkelijke, veilige en betrouwbare mPOS-oplossingen”, zei Alex Choi, directeur van BBPOS. “We bieden onze klanten de functies en veelzijdigheid die ze eisen in de vorm van een zeer geavanceerd apparaat. Het verenigen van leestechnologie voor een magneetstrip of EMV- en NFC-chips en compatibiliteit met Apple Pay, MasterCard PayPass en VISA payWave in één systeem is een grote stap vooruit.”


BBPOS Unveils Best-in-Class Chipper 2X Scheduled for Q3 2015 Debut, the Market’s Newest Standard for Combined Magstripe, EMV and NFC Chip Reader Technology, Able to Reliably and Securely Accept Apple Pay, MasterCard PayPass and VISA payWave

HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)– BBPOS, the global mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) innovation and solutions leader, will debut its new Chipper 2X device in the third quarter of 2015, the only mobile card payment acceptance solution that integrates magstripe, EMV and NFC contactless compatibility into a single compact audio jack-based design. Just weeks away from launch, Chipper 2X merchants and organizations will enjoy broad compatibility and enhanced functionality that similar products on the market lack and will benefit from acceptance of both card-base transactions and NFC contactless payments.

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Chipper 2X accepting NFC payment (Photo: Business Wire)

Chipper 2X accepting NFC payment (Photo: Business Wire)

“Chipper 2X will kick off a new era of incredibly easy, secure and reliable mPOS solutions,” said Alex Choi, President & Chief Executive Officer of BBPOS. “We are bringing our merchant and institutional customers the features and payment acceptance versatility they have asked for, in an ultra-advanced device that will truly transform their ability to satisfy customers and engage the marketplace. Gathering magstripe, EMV and NFC chip reader technology and Apple Pay, MasterCard PayPass and VISA payWave compatibility into one solution is a giant step forward.”

Chipper 2X is designed for maximum convenience and portability: the ultra-compact module is lightweight and sturdy, with hi-visibility LED charging and NFC operation indicators. Chipper 2X simultaneously enhances functionality and expands options available to merchants, while reducing transaction complexity. Chipper 2X complies with EMV Contactless requirements, allowing it to process NFC cards in addition to magnetic stripe and standard EMV IC cards. A SDK is available to support easy integration into mobile payment application and development with iOS, Android, Windows Phone and MS Windows.

The need for market leading mPOS solutions is highlighted by the current EMV migration underway in the United States, as well as the emergent Apple Pay, MasterCard PayPass and VISA payWave standards. The combination of magstripe/EMV/NFC capability in the Chipper 2X allows maximum versatility and the ability to accommodate customers on both sides of the transitional divide.

BBPOS is a preferred supplier of end-to-end mPOS solutions to markets around the world, with an uninterrupted reputation for merchant- and customer-friendly products that combine innovative technology, unparalleled convenience and outstanding reliability. Chipper 2X is ready to ship in Q3 2015, pricing and availability will be announced shortly.


BBPOS is a leading innovator, designer, manufacturer and provider of end-to-end mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solutions to all sectors, including mobile merchant, retail, hospitality, delivery, transport and government. BBPOS has developed a family of innovative mPOS devices that deliver the highest standards of quality, security and certification, with the flexible connectivity required to securely manage any transaction, in any environment. BBPOS was founded in 2008. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong and maintains regional offices in San Jose, Miami, London, Singapore and Shanghai.


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