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Kennismaking met Optimas OE Solutions

GLENVIEW, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Optimas OE Solutions, gespecialiseerd in de distributie van hoogwaardige bevestigingen en onderdelen uit de C-klasse, is vorige maand geïntroduceerd als een onafhankelijk bedrijf. Optimas, voorheen de afdeling voor OEM- en bevestigingsonderdelen van Anixter Inc., is overgenomen door American Industrial Partners (AIP), een toonaangevend niet-beursgenoteerd bedrijf dat is gericht op het kopen, verbeteren en laten groeien van industriële bedrijven met hoofdzetel in Noord-Amerika.

Optimas zal als nieuw een goed gefinancierd autonoom bedrijf uit het portfolio van AIP profiteren van zijn bestaande aanwezigheid binnen de industrie en ervaring in deze sector. In samenwerking met AIP smeedt het bedrijf sterkere banden met bestaande en potentiële klanten uit de commerciële auto-industrie, luxeauto-industrie, de sector voor landbouwbenodigdheden, de bouw en andere industriële sectoren.

Introducing Optimas OE Solutions


GLENVIEW, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Optimas OE Solutions, which specializes in the distribution and manufacturing of highly engineered fasteners and C-Class components, was introduced last month as an independent company. Formerly the OEM Supply – Fasteners division of Anixter Inc., Optimas was acquired by American Industrial Partners (AIP), a leading middle-market private equity firm focused on acquiring, improving and growing North American-headquartered industrial businesses.

As a new and well capitalized standalone AIP portfolio company, Optimas will leverage its existing industry presence and expertise, along with the AIP partnership, to forge stronger relationships with existing and potential customers in the commercial vehicle, luxury automotive, agricultural equipment, power generation equipment, construction and general industrial markets.

Optimas is committed to providing supply chain solutions for our OEM customers that allow them to focus on the bigger picture rather than the minutia of the day-to-day. Supported by the deep operating and industry expertise of AIP, we are now able to help our customers excel in ways previously unachievable” said Ian Clarke, Chief Executive Officer of Optimas.

The company is recognized for providing its customers with superior solutions in logistics and distribution, engineering, manufacturing and implementation. “As Cummins has moved from a multinational to global company, the complexity of our supply chain has increased considerably. Optimas (formerly the OEM Supply – Fasteners division of Anixter Inc.) has been a key strategic supplier partner with Cummins for many years. [As we] focus on transforming our supply chain, we will rely on Optimas to play a key role for us across a broad range of product and service categories. The partnership with AIP will be a key enabler for Optimas to grow and invest [in service of] our future collaborations”, said Tim Millwood, Vice President of Purchasing for Cummins Inc., an industry leader and a long standing customer.

The Optimas team – which includes nearly 2,000 employees throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia – consists of seasoned and respected industry leaders, bringing years of experience to the table. Strengths include an ability to bridge the gaps between distributors, engineers, suppliers and OEM customers, while ensuring that each customer experiences the highest caliber of quality and service, wherever they are in the world.

About Optimas OE Solutions

Headquartered in Glenview, Illinois, Optimas OE Solutions has nearly 2,000 employees throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia; 74 distribution centers; and 9 ISO-certified quality labs regionally based around the world.

About American Industrial Partners

American Industrial Partners (“AIP”) is an operationally oriented middle-market private equity firm that makes control investments in North American-based industrial manufacturing and distribution businesses serving domestic and global markets. The Firm has deep roots in the industrial economy and has been active in private equity investing since 1989. To date, AIP has completed over 50 transactions and is currently managing more than $1.1 billion in equity capital. AIP invests in all forms of corporate divestitures, management buyouts, recapitalizations, and going-private transactions of established businesses with revenues of $100 million $1 billion.


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