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Delticom/mytyres.co.uk: ontdek de hoogtepunten van Namibië vanuit een terreinwagen

HANNOVER, Duitsland–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Eindeloze vlaktes, woestijnen, steppes en de hoogste, imposantste zandduinen. Deze speciale vijfdaagse off-roadsafari naar Namibië met een kleurrijk gezelschap uit dertien landen begon op het vliegveld van Frankfurt in Duitsland.

Actie in het zand, woestijnavonturen, bizarre landschappen en wilde dieren – dat is waar alle winnaars van de Land Rover Experience-reis, die mogelijk is gemaakt door online bandenspecialist Delticom en bandenfabrikant Continental, naar uitkeken. Voorafgaand aan het vertrek kregen de reizigers instructies, safarikledij en landkaarten. Na een nacht vliegen landde de groep in het zonovergoten Afrikaanse land vol tegenstellingen en contrasten.

De volledige reisbeschrijving, citaten van de deelnemers zijn in het Duits en Engels beschikbaar op de sites van Delticomwww.mytyres.co.uk/namibia-safari-travelogue.html and http://www.reifendirekt.de/namibia-rundreise-bericht.htmlhttp://www.reifendirekt.at/namibia-rundreise-bericht.html , http://www.reifendirekt.ch/namibia-rundreise-bericht.html . 

Delticom/mytyres.co.uk: Discover the highlights of Namibia in an off-road vehicle

HANOVER, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Endless expanses, deserts, steppes and the highest, most impressive sand dunes. This very special, five-day off-road safari to Namibia with a colourful mixed troop from 13 countries started out from Frankfurt Airport in Germany.

This Smart News Release features multimedia. View the full release here: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20150717005273/en/

On the Land Rover Experience travel the participants experienced off road action, desert adventure, ...

On the Land Rover Experience travel the participants experienced off road action, desert adventure, bizarre landscapes and wild animals. Photo: Delticom AG, Hanover (Photo: Business Wire)

Off road action, desert adventure, bizarre landscapes and wild animals – this is what all the participants who won the Land Rover Experience travel in an online competition, run by the big online tyre specialists Delticom and the tyre manufacturer Continental, are all looking forward to. Before departure the travellers were briefed and equipped with safari clothing and map materials. After the overnight flight, the southern African country with beaming sunshine, full of contrasts and contradictions, was waiting for the group.

In Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, the two local guides Conway Volek and Marcus Maegle welcome the group. A little later, the
Land Rover off-road vehicles are handed over. They didn’t have to wait long for the first challenge – driving on the left. But everyone got used to it quickly. The advantage is that you hardly meet a soul on Namibia’s roads and dirt roads. The tour took the group away from the usual tourist trail onto roads where off-road dreams are made. It’s great when you can trust your vehicle and tyres. The end of the first stage is a Namibian safari lodge. This is where the wild heart of Africa beats and the enthusiastic troop were able to see a number of African animals on the safari drive.

The next day, they went on another 300 km to Swakopmund. The safari participants were soon faced with another driving challenge on the Atlantic beach: The vehicles had to be guided through the deep, soft sand. In the sandy deserts on Swakopmund’s doorstep, you go through beautiful dune landscape. Before this, you let air out of the tyres, which improves traction on sand. However, it wasn’t long before one of the group was stuck firmly in the sand. With some skilful driving manoeuvres, the off-road vehicle was soon free again. Then the next driver was stuck in his “Landy”. This called for some physical involvement from the team. When strength wasn’t enough, mesh mats were called into action. At the end of this desert tour, one or two of the other members of the group were happy to see the Atlantic again…

The full report on the travel – 
in English and German language – quotes of the participants and the photos are available at the Delticom online shops: www.mytyres.co.uk/namibia-safari-travelogue.html and http://www.reifendirekt.de/namibia-rundreise-bericht.htmlhttp://www.reifendirekt.at/namibia-rundreise-bericht.html , http://www.reifendirekt.ch/namibia-rundreise-bericht.html

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