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Wireless Seismic, Inc. en FairfieldNodal treffen schikking

Wireless Seismic en FairfieldNodal maken met blijdschap bekend dat ze op 2 juli 2015 een schikking hebben getroffen. Op verzoek van de partijen heeft de federale rechtbank in Houston alle klachten van FairfieldNodal tegen Wireless Seismic laten vervallen, waarmee alle geschillen over patentschendingen tussen FairfieldNodal en Wireless Seismic zijn opgelost. Dit betekent dat het Wireless Seismic vrij staat RT System 2 te verkopen en te ondersteunen en zijn klanten RT System 2 probleemloos kunnen gebruiken. De voorwaarden voor de schikking zijn vertrouwelijk.


Wireless Seismic, Inc. and FairfieldNodal Settle Lawsuit

SUGAR LAND, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Wireless Seismic, Inc. and FairfieldNodal are pleased to announce that on July 2, 2015 a mutual settlement was reached, and at the request of the parties, the Federal District Court in Houston dismissed all of FairfieldNodal’s claims against Wireless Seismic. This dismissal resolves all patent infringement claims asserted by FairfieldNodal against Wireless Seismic. This means that Wireless Seismic is free to sell and support RT System 2, and its customers are free to use RT System 2. The terms of the settlement are confidential.

About Wireless Seismic

Wireless Seismic, Inc.
 is revolutionizing onshore seismic data acquisition with RT System 2, the industry’s only fully scalable wireless seismic recording system with real-time data transmission. Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, with offices worldwide, the company’s recording systems enable contractors to efficiently tackle the most challenging projects by delivering commercially compelling solutions for conventional surveys and passive monitoring for hydraulic fracturing. For more information, go to  www.wirelessseismic.com.

About FairfieldNodal

Privately held FairfieldNodal, a global leader in seismic nodal technology, designs and manufactures a complete range of revolutionary, true cable-free ZLand® and ZMarine®systems, and offers expert marine acquisition and data processing services. Famous for its ever-improving Gulf of Mexico Shelf multi-client database, the company is also expanding licensing coverage in the revitalized Permian Basin.

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