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Pittasoft kondigt komst BlackVue Over the Cloud aan

Pittasoft kondigt met blijdschap de release van zijn dienst BlackVue Over the Cloud op het Mobile World Congress  Shanghai 2015 aan.

Pittasoft, dat van 15 tot 17 juli als sponsor van Innovation City deelneemt aan de tentoonstelling, laat op het congres zijn nieuwste dashboardcamera-aanbod zien. Daarnaast demonstreert het bedrijf nieuwe functies op basis van cloudsoftware.

Nu verbonden auto’s voor steeds meer mensen realiteit worden, positioneert Pittasoft zich met BlackVue Over the Cloud zich in de voorste gelederen van deze opkomende trend, op weg naar grote groei.

BlackVue Over the Cloud combineert Pittasofts geavanceerde technologie voor dashboardcamera’s met de kracht van de cloud. Het resultaat is een dienst waar iedereen baat bij heeft, van particulieren, kleine ondernemingen tot grote bedrijven. Personen kunnen met hun smartphone en tablet op ieder moment en op iedere plek hun auto controleren. Bedrijven kunnen hun gehele wagenpark direct in de gaten houden.

Pittasoft Announces the Release of BlackVue Over the Cloud

Pittasoft is delighted to announce the release of its BlackVue Over the Cloud service at Mobile World Congress – Shanghai 2015.

Taking part in the global exhibition as an Innovation City sponsor on July 15 to 17, Pittasoft will showcase its latest car dashboard camera (dashcam) offering alongside demonstrations of the new features enabled by Cloud computing.

As connected cars are becoming a reality for more and more people every day, Pittasoft, with BlackVue Over the Cloud, is positioning itself at the forefront of this emerging trend bound to see tremendous growth.

BlackVue Over the Cloud combines Pittasoft’s advanced dashcam technology with the power of Cloud computing.

The result is a service that benefits everyone from individuals to small businesses to large corporations. Using a smartphone or tablet, individuals can check on their car anytime, anywhere, while businesses can monitor whole fleets of vehicles in real time.

BlackVue Over the Cloud is comprised of six key features made possible by the integration of BlackVue Internet-connected dashcams, the BlackVue Cloud and the BlackVue App for smartphones and tablets.

The first of those features is Live View, enabling users to monitor the family’s car in real time from anywhere in the world.

Emergency Alarm allows setting up push notifications to be alerted as soon as certain preset events occur, such as the start of a recording resulting from an impact detected on the car or the disconnection of the dashcam from the Cloud while the car is parked.

GPS Tracking adds the ability to visualize on a map a car’s location and speed.

Two-way voice communication allows customers to use the BlackVue App to talk with drivers through the dashcam’s integrated speaker and microphone.

With Video Backup, users can move files from the dashcam’s memory to the Cloud storage or their smartphone right from the app.

Finally, Remote Video Playback means videos stored in the Cloud or in a dashcam can be played anytime on a smartphone or tablet.

All those features were designed to better connect drivers and their vehicles, and also provide peace of mind to individuals and businesses alike.

“I think BlackVue Over the Cloud has a strong disruptive potential”, said Dr. Hyunmin Hur, CEO and founder of Pittasoft. “Installing and maintaining surveillance cameras in buildings or vehicles of all sizes is time consuming and costly. With BlackVue Over the Cloud, all you have to do is plug and play, and replacing the dashcam storage unit is as easy as swapping its microSD card. No need to immobilize a vehicle to change a hard drive or even require the intervention of a skilled technician. Anybody can do it.”

About Pittasoft:

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Pittasoft has set the standard in the car dashcam industry since it was established in 2007. Taking car dashboard camera technology to the next level with its groundbreaking Full-HD 1-channel and 2-channel cameras, Pittasoft has enabled global customers to maximize usability by connecting car dashcams to smart devices via Wi-Fi.

Now with BlackVue Over the Cloud, Pittasoft is set to embrace the connected car era to provide even more benefits to its customers.

Pittasoft manufactures its dashcams in South Korea and has a network of more than 50 distributors globally.

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