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Delticom/ Mytyres.co.uk: Zomer, zon … en tijd voor pech?

Een automobilist kan statistisch gezien iedere acht tot tien jaar een lekke band verwachten. Het gebeurt echter altijd wanneer u er niet op bedacht bent. Iedereen die niet langs de weg wil staan vanwege een kapotte band, zou regelmatig voorzorgsmaatregelen moeten nemen. Een grondige autocheck voorafgaand aan de reis helpt lekke banden te voorkomen, waardoor u veilig uw bestemming bereikt.

Een te lage bandendruk is de meest voorkomende oorzaak van een lek. Een te lage druk kan in combinatie met zware lading zelfs leiden tot een gevreesde klapband. Onder het gewicht van alle bagage rust op uw de banden letterlijk een zware last. Vakantiegangers rijden zelfs regelmatig met een overbelaste auto. Het is echt vervelend wanneer dit zorgt voor een lekke band, want platte banden kosten geld, tijd en veel geduld.


Delticom/Mytyres.co.uk: Holidays at last! Summer, sun – time for a breakdown?

Statistically a driver can face a puncture once every eight to ten years.* However, it always happens when you least expect it. Anyone who wants to avoid getting stranded by the side of the road because of tyre problems on holidays should take preventative measures. A thorough vehicle check before setting off helps you see off punctures or flats and reach your destination safely.

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A good preparation and car check up for your summer holidays let you arrive safely at your destinati ...

A good preparation and car check up for your summer holidays let you arrive safely at your destination. Photo: Delticom AG, Hanover (Photo: Business Wire)

A lack of air pressure in
tyres is the most common cause of punctures.
With a fully laden car, low air pressure in the tyres can even lead to the dreaded blow-out. Your tyres have, quite literally, a lot to bear under the weight of holiday luggage, or frequently where the car is overloaded. It really is annoying when this results in a puncture. Flat tyres cost you money, time and are extremely irritating.

Carefree on holiday: Prevent tyre damage

Before heading off on holiday we would advise you to check the

pressure in your tyres while they’re cold

; if your car is loaded with holiday luggage, we recommend you increase the pressure to the fully loaded level. The guideline values are indicated by the car manufacturer, and can be found in the vehicle’s manual or on the door pillar”, says Thierry Delesalle from mytyres.co.uk.

“Anyone who checks their vehicle’s tyres regularly for damage, or to see if any foreign objects have penetrated, as well as tread depth, is really doing a lot for their own safety. It’s also important that you don’t forget the spare wheel”, says the expert.
Summer tyres should be replaced with fresh tyres, at the very latest, when tread depth is three millimetres.
“It makes sense to bring disposable gloves and a rubbish bag on journeys. If the situation demands you have to change a wheel, then you’re well-armed”, continues Thierry Delesalle.

Tyre blow-outs generally don’t happen out of the blue, there are usually some warning signs.
“If you have the impression that your steering feels a little spongy, the car is pulling to one side, or if you feel any rattling, you should carefully bring the car to a stop and check all your tyres”, recommends the expert.

Thierry Delesalle advises against the botch job in the event of a puncture, i.e. the do it yourself repair by an amateur.
“In the event of a flat, the car should be driven very carefully and at a maximum of 50 mph to the nearest workshop. Where possible, you should not drive longer distances on the spare wheel.”

At home or on the road – buy tyres online

The better the preparation, the more safely drivers and their families can enjoy the journey to their holiday destination. Anyone who needs
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*Source: ADAC, German Automobile Club

**two tyres or more

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