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Ipswitch introduceert Free Network Manager’s Toolkit

Ipswitch heeft vandaag zijn Network Manager’s Free Toolkit geïntroduceerd. Het pakket vereenvoudigt de dagelijkse werkzaamheden van IT’ers en helpt netwerk- en systeembeheerders met monitoring, probleemdiagnose en het oplossen van problemen, waaronder kwesties met betrekking tot packet routing, beheer van syslogbestanden en overdracht van configuratie.

“The Network Manager’s Free Toolkit is een set nuttige tools die IT-professionals het leven makkelijker maken”, zei Jeff Loeb, hoofd marketing van Ipswitch. “We begrijpen dat IT’ers onder druk staan om applicaties, servers en netwerken constant goed te laten presteren en ons nieuwe pakket is een gratis en nuttige hulpbron voor hen. De Network Manager’s Free Toolkit is de nieuwste toevoeging aan onze familie van gratis tools die onze WhatsUp Gold-netwerkbeheerproducten aanvullen.”


Ipswitch Introduces Free Network Manager’s Toolkit

Ipswitch™ today announced the release of the Network
Manager’s Free Toolkit
which simplifies IT professionals’ daily
tasks. The toolkit helps network managers and sysadmins to monitor,
diagnose and troubleshoot network issues including those related to
packet routing, syslog file management, and file and configuration

“The Network Manager’s Free Toolkit is a set of useful tools that help
make IT pros workdays a little easier”, said Jeff Loeb, Chief Marketing
Officer at Ipswitch. “We understand the pressure IT pros are under to
keep applications, servers and networks performing well, and our new
toolkit is a free and helpful resource for them. The Network Manager’s
Toolkit is the latest addition to our family of free tools that
complement our flagship WhatsUp Gold network management products.”

The Ipswitch Network Manager’s Free Toolkit includes the following:

  • Visual

    • Displays the route a packet takes across a network and provides
      detailed response time information hop-by-hop from start to finish
  • Syslog

    • Collects, stores, analyses and monitors syslog files so you can
      troubleshoot application problems quickly & proactively address
      security issues
  • TFTP

    • Securely transfers operating system software or device
      configuration files across computers and devices in your network

Simple Solutions for Complex IT Problems

For organisations that need more robust network monitoring software, Ipswitch
WhatsUp Gold
™ monitors the performance and availability of networks,
applications, servers, and devices from a single dashboard – without
high costs or complicated implementation. (See related announcement: “New
Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Release Reduces Complexity for IT Teams and
Extends Network and Systems Management Value Leadership

About Ipswitch

Ipswitch helps solve complex IT problems with simple solutions. The
company’s software has been installed on more than 150,000 networks
spanning 168 countries to monitor networks, applications and servers,
and securely transfer files between systems, business partners and
customers. Ipswitch was founded in 1991 and is based in Lexington,
Massachusetts with offices throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin
America. For more information, visit www.ipswitch.com.


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