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Sierra Wireless’ apparaat-naar-cloud-technologie in telematicasysteem Arval

Sierra Wireless heeft vandaag bekendgemaakt dat leasebedrijf Arval zijn apparaat-naar-cloud-technologie heeft uitgekozen voor de bouw van een nieuw telematicasysteem.

Arvals telematicasysteem maakt gebruikt van de Sierra Wireless AirVantage-cloud. Dit stelt het BNP Paribas-bedrijf voor leasing, wagenparkbeheer en verzekeringen in staat het gebruik van voertuigen te monitoren via een telematische eenheid aan boord van het vervoersmiddel. Deze unit is draadloos verbonden met een netwerk van Sierra Wireless’ Airprime-modules. De dienst, die is gericht op beheerders van bedrijfswagenparken, stelt gebruikers in staat de afgelegde afstand, het brandstofverbruik, rijgedrag en onderhoud van voertuigen na te gaan. Daarnaast werkt de dienst met modellen voor verzekeringen op basis van gebruik, wat zorgt voor kostenbesparingen.

Sierra Wireless Device-to-Cloud Technology Enables New Telematics Solution for Arval

Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ:SWIR) (TSX:SW) today announced that Arval, a
leader in full service vehicle leasing, fleet management, and
usage-based insurance owned by BNP Paribas, has selected Sierra Wireless
device-to-cloud technology to build its new global telematics solution.

The Arval telematics solution leverages the Sierra Wireless AirVantage®
cloud, enabling Arval and its customers to monitor and manage a
vehicle’s usage through a telematics on-board unit wirelessly connected
to the cellular network with Sierra Wireless AirPrime® embedded modules.
Targeted at enterprise fleet managers, the service enables them to track
mileage, fuel consumption, driver behavior, and maintenance, as well as
utilize usage-based insurance (UBI) models for cost savings.

Arval selected Sierra Wireless because the AirVantage cloud provides an
accelerated development path – the cloud platform was already built and
integrated with AirPrime embedded modules, and was able to easily
connect to third-party application servers and their own web
applications. With the wireless integration and management already
covered, Arval was able to focus on the portion of the solution that
offers value and differentiates it from competitors. In addition,
AirVantage leverages standard device protocols, making it compatible
with a wide variety of connected devices and future-proof in terms of
compatibility with additional devices and services as Arval expands its
service offering to its customers.

“We were looking for a technology partner to help us enhance our
business and our customer service offering,” said Paul Gourlet,
Technology Director for Arval. “Sierra Wireless delivered the expertise
and global scale we needed, delivering a full solution that integrates
the devices, the device data, our mobile network operator’s
infrastructure, and our back-end IT systems. This solution vastly
simplified the process of bringing our new services to market and will
enable us to scale rapidly as we deploy internationally.”

“Arval is an industry leader with a clear vision of how a connected
service model can enable the company to better serve its customers and
enhance its core business,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, Senior Vice
President, Enterprise Solutions for Sierra Wireless. “This collaboration
demonstrates the value of a device-to-cloud solution in accelerating
innovation in transportation and fleet management, but the model works
across many industries and applications. We enable an organization to
focus on developing the portion of the solution that is unique and
tailored to its customers, knowing that the wireless connectivity and
communication functions are already integrated and tested.”

The AirVantage cloud is an integrated platform of services that enables
organizations to quickly build and deploy IoT solutions, managing
devices, subscriptions, and application data through a single interface
worldwide. AirVantage provides the data services to securely collect,
store, and organize data streams so they are easily available to web and
mobile applications, enterprise systems, or analytics tools. AirVantage
also helps customers manage large deployments with dashboards and APIs
to monitor the health of machines in the field and update them when

Visit the Sierra Wireless website for more information about AirVantage
, AirPrime
wireless modules
, and the company’s solutions for transportation
and fleet management

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