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Emirates Insolaire installeert ‘s werelds eerste gekleurde zonnepanelen in Zwitserland

Emirates Insolaire LLC, pionier in de ontwikkeling en toepassing van unieke zonne-energietechnologieën en joint venture van Dubai Investments PJSC en SwissINSO Holding Inc, heeft geschiedenis geschreven met de succesvolle installatie van ‘s werelds eerste gekleurde Kromatix-zonnepanelen op een gebouw in het Zwitserse Lausanne.

De installatie, ter waarde van 850 duizend VAE-dirham, kan per jaar genoeg elektriciteit opwekken voor twee gezinnen van vier personen. Het gebouw heeft dankzij de glazen Emirates Insolaire-panelen een unieke blauwe gevel en is zodoende zeer herkenbaar.

Twee andere projecten in Basel en Oostenrijk zijn ook voltooid. Emirates Insolaire blijft aanvragen ontvangen van zijn zonnepanelen van de Verenigde Arabische Emiraten, Qatar, Saudi-Arabië, Koeweit, Egypte, Bahrein, Libanon, maar ook uit Europa, Azië, de Verenigde Staten en Brazilië.

Emirates Insolaire Installs World’s First Coloured Solar Panels in Switzerland

Emirates Insolaire LLC, a pioneer in the development and application of
unique solar technologies and a joint venture of Dubai
Investments PJSC [DI]
and SwissINSO
Holding Inc.
, has created history with the successful installation
of the world’s first KromatixTM coloured solar panels on a
building façade in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Emirates Insolaire's coloured solar panels on the building façade  in Lausanne (Photo: Business Wire) ...

Emirates Insolaire’s coloured solar panels on the
building façade in Lausanne (Photo: Business Wire)

The entire installation, worth AED 850,000, is capable of generating
sufficient electric power annually for two families of four people each.
The building, boasting of its unique blue façade – thanks to the
Emirates Insolaire glass panels, thus has the unique recognition of
having the first coloured, photovoltaic solar panel façade in the world.

Two other projects in Basel, Switzerland, and Austria have also been
completed. Emirates Insolaire continues to receive enquiries for its
solar panels from UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Bahrain,
Lebanon, as well as from Europe, Asia, the US and Brazil.

Going by the projects on hand, demand and enquiries across the globe,
Emirates Insolaire expects sales over 50,000 square metres for coloured
solar panels in 2015 alone. Each coloured solar panel can generate above
150 watts electric power per square meter on roofs, or above 110 watts
per square meter on façades.

Globally, the photovoltaic market has grown 40% year-on-year and the
number of installations foreseen for 2015 is 160 GW – approximately 800
million square meters of glass. The share of Building Integrated
Photovoltaic for rooftops and facades is witnessing one of the fastest
growth rates.

Rafic Hanbali, Managing Partner of Emirates Insolaire, said: “The
completion of Emirates Insolaire’s first project in Lausanne is a major
milestone for the company. With the KromatixTM technology,
the company has ushered in a paradigm shift in solar applications
because of its aesthetic appeal to any building façade and efficiency
due to its power generating attributes. The company sees significant
growth opportunities going forward not only in the Europe but across the

KromatixTM solar panels can supply between 20% and 60% of the
needed energy for a building. For certain industries with large roofs
and façades, this can go up to 100%. Coming in virtually any colour, the
Emirates Insolaire solar panels are optimised for both photovoltaic
modules and solar thermal collectors.

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