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Chedid Re geregistreerd als broker Lloyd’s

Chedid Europe Reinsurance Brokerage Limited (dat handelt onder de naam Chedid Re) heeft zijn registratie als broker van Lloyd’s bekendgemaakt. De bekendmaking komt als een natuurlijke uitbreiding van de langlopende, succesvolle samenwerking tussen Chedid Re in Cyprus en Lloyd’s sinds april 1999. Binnen die samenwerking trad Chedid Re op als coverholder van Lloyd’s.

De registratie van Chedid Re als broker is het bewijs dat het bedrijf een betrouwbare, internationale partner en grote regionale speler in de verzekeringsbranche is. Zijn ononderbroken uitbreiding resulteert in volledige internationale zichtbaarheid.


Chedid Re Registered as a Broker at Lloyd’s

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – (Business Wire) Chedid Europe Reinsurance Brokerage Limited (trading as Chedid Re) announced its registration as a Lloyd’s broker. This announcement comes as a natural extension for the longstanding successful cooperation that started in April 1999 between Chedid Re in Cyprus and Lloyd’s, a time during which Chedid Re was operating as a Lloyd’s cover holder.

Chedid Re’s registration as a Lloyd’s broker comes to prove that the company is a trusted international partner and a major regional player in the reinsurance industry with a sustained expansion that results in a full international exposure.

“I am pleased that Chedid Re has become a new registered broker at Lloyd’s. The goal of Lloyd’s Vision 2025 strategy is to become the global centre for specialist insurance and reinsurance, and we look forward to working with Chedid Re in achieving this,” said Lloyd’s Head of Broker Relations Umron Ahmed.

“We congratulate Chedid Re for becoming a new registered broker at Lloyd’s and we would like to wish them success in all their future activities,” said Victoria Natar, superintendent of insurance in Cyprus.

Reacting to the above comments, Farid Chedid, Chairman & CEO of Chedid Re thanked his partners and stated that “Chedid Re’s business activity and goals fit perfectly within Lloyd’s growth strategy, and our registration into the Lloyd’s market as a broker shows that we and Lloyd’s are aligned and it’s testament to the track record of a company that started in Cyprus 17 years ago,” before adding: “I seek this opportunity to renew our commitment to our partners to always operate through the values of trust, transparency and productivity they have always been used to see in dealing with Chedid Re.”

About Chedid Re:

Chedid Re is a multi-awarded regional leader in the reinsurance brokerage industry that achieved a successful track record as an approved Lloyd’s cover-holder and is authorized by certain Lloyd’s syndicates as well as by leading global reinsurers to underwrite risks and enter into contracts on their behalf. Chedid Re’s team delivers comprehensive reinsurance solutions to insurance companies in the Middle East, Africa and Europe through its offices in Beirut, Dubai, Limassol and Riyadh.

*Source: ME NewsWire

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