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Nieuw xQR41 MicroDot-naaldventiel van Nordson EFD is 60% kleiner en heeft een modulair ontwerp voor optimale output

Unieke Quick Release technologie maakt wisselen van onderdelen mogelijk in seconden, waarmee stilstand sterk verkort wordt en uw output stijgt

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Nordson EFD, wereldleider in productie van precisie doseersystemen voor vloeistoffen, introduceert zijn nieuwe xQR41-reeks MicroDot-naaldventielen. Het ventiel heeft een formaat dat 60% kleiner is dan standaardventielen, een modulair ontwerp voor meer maatwerk en procescontrole en een Quick Release-klem, die het mogelijk maakt de vloeistofkamer binnen enkele seconden te vervangen. Het nieuwe ventiel vergroot de productiemogelijkheden binnen uiteenlopende toepassingen en industrieën, speciaal voor de productie van wireless apparatuur, sensoren, mobiele telefoons en andere hoogwaardige elektronica.

Het xQR41-ventiel heeft met zijn lengte van 66 millimeter en diameter van 23,7 millimeter een kleine afmeting, waardoor het mogelijk is meer ventielen dichter op elkaar te monteren, wat resulteert in een hogere productie. Het naaldventiel, dat ideaal is voor geautomatiseerde assemblage, neemt weinig plaats in en past in krappe plekken in de machine. De xQR41 weegt slechts 141,4 gram, wat gunstig is voor uw machine vanwege de mogelijkheid om sneller te bewegen en grotere positioneringstabiliteit. Daarnaast vermindert het de slijtage aan de tafelbladmotor en aandrijfriem. Dankzij zijn kleine vormfactor wordt het vloeistofpad korter. Dit vermindert de hoeveelheid vloeistof in het ventiel, dus ook de hoeveelheid verspilde vloeistof. Een verscheidenheid aan reservoirs, spuiten, cartridges en tanks kan het naaldventiel voeden.

Deze bekendmaking is officieel geldend in de originele brontaal. Vertalingen zijn slechts als leeshulp bedoeld en moeten worden vergeleken met de tekst in de brontaal, welke als enige rechtsgeldig is.

Nordson EFD’s New xQR41 MicroDot Needle Valve Features a 60% Smaller Footprint and Modular Design for Optimal Throughput

Unique Quick Release technology allows full change outs of wetted parts within seconds, reducing downtime for greater productivity.

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. – (Business Wire)

Nordson EFD, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN), the world’s leading precision fluid dispensing systems manufacturer, introduces the xQR41 Series MicroDot™ needle valve. The valve features a 60% smaller form factor than standard valves, an exchangeable modular design for greater customization and process control, and a Quick Release (QR) clasp that allows easy removal of the fluid body to replace wetted parts in seconds. The new valve expands manufacturing opportunities for multiple applications and industries, especially those related to wireless devices, sensors, mobile phones, and other high-end electronics.The xQR41 valve’s small profile of 66 mm length x 23.7 mm diameter (2.60″ x 0.93″) enables multiple valves to be mounted closer together for greater output per batch, increasing production throughput. Ideal for automated assembly processes, the needle valve can dispense in tighter spaces and at more complex angles. Weighing only 141.4 g (5.0 oz), the xQR41 valve reduces the tooling payload. This not only means faster actuator arm movement and improved positioning stability, but also reduced tabletop automation (TTA) motor and belt wear. The xQR41’s small form factor also results in a smaller wetted path, resulting in less retained fluid volume, which minimizes fluid waste. It can be fed from a variety of reservoirs, syringe barrels, external cartridges, or tanks.

The valve’s unique QR clasp secures the fluid body to the air actuator and can be removed with a turn of a thumbscrew – no tools required. No longer is it necessary to remove the entire actuator or valve assembly from mounting fixtures. Full change-outs take seconds, not minutes. This is especially important in applications with fluids that have a curing time where the wetted part must be removed as quickly as possible and returned to operation.

The pneumatically-operated, adjustable valve applies precise micro-deposits as small as 150 µm (0.15 mm) (0.006”) of low- to high-viscosity fluids onto a substrate. The xQR41’s exchangeable modular design can be configured with stroke adjustable or non-adjustable cap, BackPack™ valve actuator, low-profile mounting block, and 90° air and fluid inlet fittings. The fluid body can be aligned and locked at 360° intervals to accommodate mounting, positioning, and fluid inlet alignment needs. It can be installed on many automation platforms.

“With rapid interchangeability, a smaller form factor, and infinite configurability, Nordson EFD’s new xQR41 MicroDot needle valve not only offers new possibilities for fluid dispensing, but it also saves time and costs and increases productivity,” said Claude Bergeron, product manager, Nordson EFD.

For more information visit Nordson EFD on the web at www.nordsonefd.com,www.facebook.com/NordsonEFD, or www.linkedin.com/company/nordson-efd, emailinfo@nordsonefd.com, or call +1 401.431.7000 or 800.556.3484. For Nordson EFD LLC sales and service in over 30 countries, contact Nordson EFD or go towww.nordsonefd.com.

High resolution photo available at:http://www.nordsonefd.com/images/new/Nordson_EFD_xQR41_valve.jpg

About Nordson EFD

Nordson EFD designs and manufactures precision fluid dispensing systems for benchtop assembly processes and automated assembly lines. By enabling manufacturers to apply the same amount of adhesive, lubricant or other assembly fluid to every part, every time, EFD dispensing systems are helping companies in a wide variety of industries increase throughput, improve quality, and lower their production costs. Other fluid management capabilities include high-quality syringe barrels andcartridges for packaging one- and two-component materials, along with a wide variety of fittings, couplers and connectors for controlling fluid flow in medical, biopharmaceutical and industrial environments. The company is also a leading formulator of specialty solder pastes for dispensing and printing applications in the electronics industry.

About Nordson Corporation

Nordson engineers, manufactures and markets differentiated products and systems used for dispensing and processing adhesives, coatings, polymers, sealants and biomaterials; and for managing fluids, testing and inspecting for quality, treating surfaces and curing. These products are supported with extensive application expertise and direct global sales and service. We serve a wide variety of consumer non-durable, consumer durable and technology end markets including packaging, nonwovens, electronics, medical, appliances, energy, transportation, building and construction, and general product assembly and finishing. Founded in 1954 and headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, the company has operations and support offices in more than 30 countries. Visit Nordson on the web at www.nordson.com, www.twitter.com/Nordson_Corp orwww.facebook.com/nordson.

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Deze bekendmaking is officieel geldend in de originele brontaal. Vertalingen zijn slechts als leeshulp bedoeld en moeten worden vergeleken met de tekst in de brontaal, welke als enige rechtsgeldig is.

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