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SPECTRA Nieuw product T300 is geselecteerd voor het Meal Card Project in Turkije

HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Al meer dan 15 jaar onderhoudt SETCARD een van Turkije’s grootste en meest betrouwbare maaltijd systeemnetwerken in het land. Onlangs, SETCARD bereikte extra impuls door de functionaliteit van het systeem te upgraden; een beweging die een hoogst-betrouwbare leverancier voor POS eindtechnologie vereiste. SETCARD heeft SPECTRA Technologies geselecteerd op basis van vele succesvolle projecten die sinds 2006 samen zijn uitgevoerd, evenals een track record van productbetrouwbaarheid en uitzonderlijke ondersteuning na de verkoop. De T300 biedt complete alles-in-één functies, werkt absoluut onafhankelijk in onbeheerde omgevingen, breidt het aanbod van SETCARD uit en versterkt de POS-infrastructuur van SETCARD klanten.

SPECTRA New Product T300 Has Been Selected for Meal Card Project in Turkey

HONG KONG–(BUSINESS WIRE)– For more than 15 years, SETCARD has maintained one of Turkey’s largest and most reliable meal system networks in the country. Recently, SETCARD gained additional momentum by upgrading system’s functionality; a move that required a highly-reliable supplier for POS terminal technology. SETCARD selected SPECTRA Technologies based on many successful projects done together since 2006, as well as a track record of product reliability and exceptional support after the sale. The T300 provides complete all-in-one functions, operates absolutely independently in unattended environments, extends SETCARD’s offerings, and strengthens the POS infrastructure of SETCARD clients.

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The T300 makes lunchtime POS transactions quick and easy for employees in any environment—a retail station with personnel. The T300 keypad is large, bright, and simple to use. Transaction receipts are sent to employees by the T300 via email. SPECTRA TECHNOLOGIES works with SETCARD and their clients to insure the terminal works without fail, collects all transaction information, and submits all collected data from the T300 POS terminal to the home office.

SETCARD eliminates more cumbersome transaction models like accepting cash or accepting meal tickets and vouchers. SPECTRA Technologies ensures that transaction data is captured so corporations can prove that they meet meal program requirements; see and control balances, card cancellations, and other card issues in real-time.

A flexible and highly-reliable terminal such as the SPECTRA T300 provides SETCARD with the assurance needed to create broad membership networks across Turkey, support loyalty programs and periodic promotions offered by SETCARD, and keep lunch lines moving quickly.

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