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Cred voegt PayPal, Goldman Sachs, Tradeshift Executives toe aan het Global Leadership Team


Veteranen van Fintech sluiten zich aan bij Cred om het Lenen met de Blockchaintechnologie te democratiseren.

Cred, de toonaangevende leverancier van crypto-backed lending met meer dan $250 miljoen aan kredietfaciliteiten, kondigde vandaag de toevoeging van drie directieleden aan. Maxim Rohkline treedt toe als Chief Product Officer, James Alexander als Chief Capital Officer en Richard Oh als GM van Azië. Elke manager brengt een bewezen staat van dienst van meer dan 20 jaar mee op het gebied van financiële technologische innovatie, waaronder kapitaalmarkten, online lenen, betalingssystemen, risicobeheer en analyse.

“Cred heeft het geluk enkele van de meest getalenteerde managers in de financiële technologie aan te trekken die zich identificeren met onze missie om wereldwijd te lenen en uit te lenen,” aldus Dan Schatt, medeoprichter en voorzitter van Cred. “Maxim, James en Richard hebben zeer getalenteerde wereldwijde teams geleid en een aantal van de meest geavanceerde financiële dienstenproducten ter wereld gebouwd. Zij zullen de cryptogemeenschap thought leadership brengen en de volgende 100 miljoen gebruikers van crypto helpen aantrekken”.

Cred Adds PayPal, Goldman Sachs, Tradeshift Executives to Global Leadership Team


Fintech veterans join Cred to Democratize Lending With Blockchain Technology.

Cred, the leading provider of crypto-backed lending with over $250 million in credit facilities, today announced the addition of three executive team members. Maxim Rohkline joins as Chief Product Officer, James Alexander joins as Chief Capital Officer, and Richard Oh joins as GM of Asia. Each executive brings a 20+ year proven track record of financial technology innovation, spanning capital markets, online lending, payment systems, risk management, and analytics.

“Cred is fortunate to attract some of the most talented executives in financial technology who identify with our mission of democratizing global borrowing and lending, “ said Dan Schatt, Co-founder and President of Cred. “Maxim, James, and Richard have led highly talented global teams and built some of the most sophisticated financial services products in the world. They will bring thought leadership to the crypto community and help attract the next 100 million users of crypto.”

Maxim Rohkline, Cred’s Chief Product Officer manages Cred’s global platform. Previously, Maxim served on the executive team of Tradeshift, leading its financial technology unit, providing global supply chain, and trade finance banking. Maxim’s diverse financial services and product management experience includes management of a global card acquiring platform at Merchant e-Solutions, global mobile payments platform development at Intuit, global core payments, and analytics at PayPal, credit card portfolio risk management at Washington Mutual and internet banking development for Wells Fargo.

James Alexander, Cred’s Chief Capital Officer, leads Cred’s global capital markets development, having recently secured Cred’s $250+ million global lending facilities. Previously, James held positions in traditional banking, capital markets, research, and institutional sales; and has worked at Goldman Sachs, Royal Bank of Canada and Nomura. He is also the co-founder of the Swiss merchant bank, Alternative Capital Associates.

Richard Oh joins Cred as General Manager of Asia. Prior to Cred, Richard was the Head of Payments for PayPal in the Asia Pacific market where he looked after PayPal’s payment systems and partnerships with banks, financial institutions, and processors.

Having spent nearly 20 years in digital payments since the early days of eBay payments and PayPal, Richard is considered one of the top fintech experts in the region and has played a significant role in expanding PayPal’s payment capabilities globally.

“This is one of the strongest executive teams I’ve encountered in the crypto and blockchain industry,” said Scott Thompson, former President of PayPal and CEO of Yahoo! “Many of the individuals at Cred are former PayPal executives during my tenure. I have no doubt they will bring the same energy, commitment and results to Cred as they did at PayPal.”

“You need a seasoned executive team to pull off something as ambitious as Cred, and we are thrilled to see the Company make so much progress in a matter of months,” said Vincent Zhou, Co-Founder of FBG Capital and Investor in Cred. “We invest in teams that have a vision, a deep understanding of their domains and the intellectual and organizational agility to build enduring businesses in the crypto space. Cred is a model company in our portfolio and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.”

About Cred

Cred is a decentralized global lending platform that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime. Founded by former PayPal financial technology veterans, Cred has secured over $250,000,000 of lending capital with offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, and Munich. Cred’s mission is to harness the power of blockchain to allow everyone to benefit from low-cost credit products. Cred brings together a diverse team of entrepreneurial leaders, machine learning, and the power of blockchain technology. The LBA token is available in 180+ countries an. For more information, visit mycred.io. For more information on purchasing the LBA token, visit: https://www.mycred.io/#/token.



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