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Andrew Alliance haalt $14M op bij wereldwijde investeerders en belangrijke life sciences spelers


Roboticsbedrijf sluit serie C;
Financiert voortgezette innovatie ter verbetering van de resultaten en herhaalbaarheid

Andrew Alliance S.A., het roboticabedrijf dat de herhaalbaarheid verbetert met een innovatieve benadering van vloeistofbehandeling met conventionele laboratoriumpipetten, kondigde vandaag een investering van $14 miljoen aan door verschillende van de toonaangevende life sciences bedrijven, waaronder Tecan Group, de Waters Corporation, Inpeco, Rancilio Cube, Sam Eletr Trust en Omega Funds.

De C-ronde investering brengt een strategische mix samen van wereldwijd erkende marktleiders in life sciences, samen met private equity investeerders en inclusief bestaande investeerders.

“We zijn verheugd om ons team van investeerders en partners uit te breiden met de meest erkende bedrijven in de sector”, aldus Piero Zucchelli, CEO en medeoprichter van Andrew Alliance. “Het is bijzonder betekenisvol dat zowel Tecan als Waters waarderen hoe we robotica toegankelijk maken voor meer wetenschappers.”


Andrew Alliance Raises $14M From Top Life Sciences Industry Partners and Global Investors


Liquid Handling Robotics Company Closes Series C;
Will Fund Continued Innovation in Improving Lab Results and Repeatability

Andrew Alliance S.A., the robotics company that is improving repeatability with an innovative approach to liquid handling with conventional laboratory pipettes, today announced a $14 million investment by several of the leading life sciences enterprises, including Tecan Group, the Waters Corporation, Inpeco, Rancilio Cube, Sam Eletr Trust and Omega Funds.

The C-round investment brings together a strategic mix of globally recognized life sciences market leaders, along with private equity investors and including existing investors.

“We are delighted to expand our team of investors and partners with the industry’s most recognized companies,” said Piero Zucchelli, CEO and a co-founder of Andrew Alliance. “It’s particularly meaningful that both Tecan and Waters appreciate how we’re making robotics accessible to more scientists.”

The Tecan Group is the world leader for automated liquid handling solutions, and Waters has pioneered chromatography, mass spectrometry and thermal analysis innovations serving the life, materials and food sciences for nearly 60 years. Both companies are considered technology leaders in their respective fields.

“Andrew Alliance’s robot changes the game for repeatability – and further improves our customers’ operational efficiency,” said Paul Tardif, senior director of corporate development at Waters. “The Andrew robots are extraordinarily affordable and solve a persistent problem. Our customers are eager for a ready-to-use solution like this.”

In just four years, Andrew Alliance has become the leading choice for life science bench robotics. It’s relied on by 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, the top four diagnostic companies and 16 of the top 20 of the world’s leading academic research institutions.

Andrew Alliance’s flagship offering is a family of flexible, software-driven robot models, each with a footprint about the size of a standard piece of paper. The robots work right out of the box and deliver absolute consistency in how liquids are measured and tested, using standard pipettes and consumables. Andrew performs its job within a few minutes of setup.

“Andrew Alliance’s affordable benchtop robotics using conventional pipettes is a new and complementary approach to Tecan’s workstations, which help customers to automate their highly complex workflows,” said David Martyr, CEO of Tecan.

Andrew Alliance will use the funds for continuous product innovation and strategic industry partnerships. It also will extend its close collaboration with customers worldwide to refine future offerings.

“Demand for better reproducibility continues to increase,” said Otello Stampacchia, managing director and founder of Omega Funds, an early investor. “We are delighted to work with Andrew Alliance to address this major issue.”

“The ongoing innovation in life science creates a vast opportunity for new automated tools and approaches like Andrew Alliance’s robots,” said Sam Eletr, a member of the founding team and an early investor.

About Andrew Alliance
Andrew Alliance is advancing science with a new class of high-performance, easy-to-use robots that dramatically improve the repeatability, performance and speed of liquid handling. This new approach, and Andrew, the flagship robot, are winning awards and rapidly transforming bench research in hundreds of pharmaceutical, diagnostic and academic laboratories worldwide, by eliminating routine pipetting errors and time-consuming manual efforts. Visit andrewalliance.com to see how it works.



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