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Debuut van revolutionair medisch koelsysteem van Cooltech Applications op Medica 2015

HOLTZHEIM, Frankrijk–(BUSINESS WIRE)—Cooltech Applications, wereldwijd toonaangevend in de ontwikkeling van magnetische koeling, heeft op MEDICA in de stand van zijn partner Kirsch een proto-serie van medische koelkasten met het Refrigeration System (M.R.S.) gepresenteerd.

Dankzij het door Cooltech Applications ontwikkelde M.R.S. werkt koelingapparatuur zonder compressor. Dit maakt een einde aan de noodzaak van koudemiddel, dat een grote bijdrage levert aan de opwarming van de aarde. Daarnaast zorgt het weglaten van een compressor voor energiebesparingen van koelsystemen.

Premiere of Revolutionary Medical Refrigerator with Cooltech Applications at Medica 2015

HOLTZHEIM, France–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Cooltech Applications, the world’s leading magnetic refrigeration development company, presented, at MEDICA (Dusseldorf, November 16-19), at its partner’s booth (Kirsch), a pre-series medical fridge refrigerated by a Magnetic Refrigeration System.

Thanks to the Magnetic Refrigeration System (M.R.S) developed by Cooltech Applications, refrigerated equipment will be able to run without compressor, thus eliminating the need of refrigerant gas which are significant contributor to the Global Warming, as well as significantly reducing energy consumption of such refrigerated systems.

The MRS contains magnetocaloric materials that heat up when put in a magnetic field and cool down when removed from the magnetic field. Heat is transferred from the cold inside of the medical fridge to the warm ambient air by passing a water-based coolant through the magnetocaloric materials as they are repeatedly magnetized or demagnetized.

“This product integration is a major step forward for the magnetocaloric technology, says Christian Muller, co-funder and CEO of Cooltech Applications. After working on the industrialization of our technology during the last 3 years, we are now moving forward with system integrations in commercial or medical refrigerated equipment”. First tests showed that refrigeration systems based on magnetic cooling technology will allow end users to save up to 40% of consumed energy while operating with less noise and without refrigerant gas. Cooltech Applications also plans to extend its product development in other complementary markets such as Domestic refrigeration, Cryogenics or Automotive applications.

About Cooltech Applications

Cooltech Applications is the world’s leading magnetocaloric development company that is offering an economic and ecologic gas-free solution, replacing gas based compressors, to the global refrigeration and air conditioning markets. Owner of over 295 patents issued worldwide and heavily supported since its debut by significant organizations, and large market actors through developments agreements, for industrializing the technology, Cooltech Applications is now entering the commercialization process by starting partnerships with equipment manufacturers across Europe, North America and Asia.

Founded in 2003 and backed by well-established investors, combining both investment funds and significant industrial groups, Cooltech Applications’ offices are located in Holztheim and Paris, France. www.cooltech-applications.com


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