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MagicEvent.com lanceert Magic Travel Manager Tool voor natrekken overnachtingskosten bij hotelalternatief

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– MagicEvent.com, de toonaangevende website voor woningverhuur voor zakenreizigers, heeft een nieuwe tool die bedrijven in staat stelt reserveringen van hun werknemers of partners in te zien.

Het huren van een appartement voor zakenreizen komt steeds vaker voor en wordt gezien als goed alternatief voor een hotel, dankzij de kosten, de ruimte en het comfort. Voor sommige bedrijven is het lastig dit type reservering te integreren in hun bestaande reisbeleid.

MagicEvent.com heeft een netwerk van twintigduizend appartementen in 60 steden, wat reisbeheerders een gratis tool biedt voor het natrekken van reserveringen.


MagicEvent.com launches Magic Travel Manager Tool : a tool for tracking alternative accommodation costs

PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)– MagicEvent.com, the leading apartment leasing website which focusses exclusively on business tourism, is offering a new tool to companies which would allow them to track the reservations made by their associates.

Leasing an apartment for business travel is becoming increasingly common and is seen as a real alternative to a hotel for cost, space and comfort reasons. However, for some companies, it can be difficult to integrate this type of reservation into their existing travel policy.

MagicEvent.com, an apartment leasing specialist for business travelers, has a network of 20, 000 apartments in 60 cities, offering travel managers a free tool for tracking reservations.

What are the benefits for companies?

1. The travel manager imports the list of all their associates in their Magic Travel Manager Tool space, using the travel policy criteria for each search (maximum price per city, based on the kind of position, seniority etc.) The travel manager then registers the method of payment (bank card or automatic withdrawal).

2. Associates then receive an email with their login, and can make their reservation directly on the MagicEvent website.

3. The traveler does not need to pay for anything, their company can be invoiced directly.

4. The traveler’s senior may choose either to be informed of the reservation or to have the option to validate or refuse this reservation.

5. Similarly, the travel manager may choose to validate all reservations, or simply to be informed when the travel policy is exceeded. They can also monitor their dashboard of all trips, costs per associate and per city, as well as invoices, in real time.

”  This tool meets the expectations of companies who wish to promote this kind of accommodation, and to control the costs and travel of their associates, perfectly, explains Valéry Linyer, CEO and co-founder of MagicEvent.com. Travel managers can trust MagicEvent implicitly, since our service is adapted to suit business travel, in terms of location, comfort and safety

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