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GOFBA.com, ‘s werelds veiligste internetervaring, presenteert beveiligde chatmodule

ONTARIO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– GOFBA, de eerste en enige gezinsvriendelijke, geweldsloze en pornoloze zoekmachine en megasite ter wereld heeft vandaag de lancering van zijn nieuwe chatmodule aangekondigd: GOFBA Chat.

“Onze chatmodule is anders dan alle andere. Het is tegelijk ook een sociaal netwerk, een zakelijk netwerk en een educatietool”, zei Anna Chin, oprichter en voorzitter van GOFBA.

“Achter de schermen is draait Gofba Chat op zeer geavanceerde, gepatenteerde technologie. De beveiligingsalgoritmes die we hebben ontwikkeld geven mensen de geruststelling dat hun informatie en gesprekken veilig en privé zijn”, licht Bill DeLisi, Chief Information Officer van GOFBA toe.


GOFBA.com “The World’s Safest Internet Experience” Unveils Secure ‘Chat’ Module

ONTARIO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– GOFBA (pronounced gŏf’ bah), the first and only family-friendly, non-pornographic, non-violent search engine and mega-site, announced today the launch of its newest module,GOFBA Chat.

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“Our chat is different than anything else out there; it is not just a chat, it is a social network, business network, and will be useful for educational purposes,” says Anna Chin, GOFBA Founder & Chairman.

“Behind the scenes of GOFBA Chat is highly sophisticated, proprietary technology. The secure algorithms that we designed provide users with peace of mind knowing that their information, content, and conversations are protected and private,” says Bill DeLisi, GOFBA Chief Information Officer.

With air tight encryption and no cookies collecting or storing your information or tracking your usage, users are provided with the safest and most private online experience available worldwide.

GOFBA Chat is free (just like GOFBA Email, and GOFBA Vault – 10GB of cloud-based storage) and enables users to instantly transfer files up to 5GB with a simple ‘drag & drop,’ and all files/documents are automatically encrypted in the file transfer process. Gone are fears of your files/documents being stolen and the days of undelivered messages due to restrictive file sizes and file upload wait-times. Users can also send chat messages via SMS.

Soon GOFBA Chat will instantly translate almost all of the world’s top languages, as well as offer international keyboards, audio & video chatting, SMS messaging response, and include an additional 5GB of storage in its own vault giving users an unprecedented 15GB of free and safe cloud-based storage.

GOFBA Chat is the first of a long list of fully-integrated modules GOFBA will be launching strategically over time. To use GOFBA Chat simply create a Free GOFBA Account and join the nearly 40 million empowered GOFBA users worldwide.

Look for the upcoming GOFBA press conference to share even more exciting announcements.

About GOFBA, Inc.

GOFBA is an Internet services company located in sunny California. Inspired to make the world a better place, they are very excited and proud to have made a family-friendly and safe Internet experience available to everyone. Well-positioned for an IPO, this internet safe haven is growing fast and strong.

https://www.gofba.com/ Where ‘Safe is the New Search’


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