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Televerde breidt internationaal uit met Europees kantoor

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Televerde, een bedrijf in marketing- en salessystemen in Phoenix, opent een nieuw kantoor in Europa. De nieuwe vestiging helpt bestaande business-to-businessklanten internationaal te groeien. Daarnaast stelt de nieuwe locatie Europese bedrijven in staat hun omzet sneller te laten groeien door het genereren van omzetgroei en interne systemen voor sales.

“Sales- en marketingprofessionals van B2B-bedrijven staan tegenover nieuwe uitdagingen vanwege grote veranderingen in big data, marketingautomatisering, analysemiddelen en CRM-technologieën”, zei ceo Jemas Hooker. “Televerde heeft de unieke kwalificaties om organisaties te helpen bij het integreren van alle nieuwe technologieën met telediensten van wereldklasse.”


Televerde Global Expansion Continues With European Office


PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Televerde, a sales and marketing solutions company based in Phoenix, Arizona, is announcing plans for its first European office. The new location will help current business-to-business (B2B) clients expand internationally and enable Europe-based companies to accelerate revenue growth through proven demand generation and inside sales solutions.

“Sales and marketing professionals in B2B enterprises worldwide are facing new challenges because of rapid changes in big data, marketing automation, analytics and CRM technologies,” says CEO James Hooker. “Televerde is uniquely qualified to help organizations integrate all the new technologies with world-class teleservices for accelerated sales pipeline growth.”

“Our European office will be staffed with up to 175 employees, including 130+ multilingual call center agents. We have narrowed our search to a handful of communities and will be selecting the final location by the end of this year,” says Mr. Hooker. The announcement of the European office comes on the heels of the Spring 2015 opening of Televerde’s first Latin American office in Cordoba, Argentina, which offers teleservices in Spanish, Portuguese, German and French. The European office will include language capabilities in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, as well as Scandinavian and Eastern European languages.

Televerde’s entrée into Europe comes at a time when the overall market for outsourced sales and marketing services is experiencing significant growth. “More and more companies are learning how a strategic sales and marketing partner can leverage greater efficiency to drive revenue,” says Ray Kemper, Chief Marketing Officer. “For more than 20 years, Televerde has delivered pipeline strategies, faster sales cycles, more prospects and a solid ROI for our clients. We’re looking forward to providing this same level of expertise in the European market.”

About Televerde

Televerde uses an innovative Lead-to-Revenue model to help B2B enterprises generate better leads, speed sales cycles, and gain insights that drive revenue growth. By offering proven solutions in the areas of marketing technology services, strategic engagement planning, data intelligence services, demand generation and inside sales, Televerde has helped a host of large and mid-sized companies generate over $6.5 billion in revenue. To learn more, visit televerde.com or call Laura Crutcher at 001-877-850-5869.


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