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Mondiale gezondheidsmerken spoeden zich via internationale e-commerce naar China

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Het Amerikaanse merk voor dieetsupplementen Carlson Lab en Tongrentang International, een Chinees bedrijf in internationale e-commerce, lanceren gezamenlijk Carlsons nieuwe probiotische productlijn in China en de Verenigde Staten. Dit is een historische mijlpaal voor de Chinese gezondheidsvoedselindustrie, aangezien deze sector nooit eerder betrokken was bij een dergelijke samenwerking met een buitenlandse producent. Doorgaans moeten dieetsupplementen goedgekeurd worden door de overheid, wat twee tot drie jaar in beslag neemt. De uitdijende handel via de digitale weg heeft een nieuwe aanpak mogelijk gemaakt.

China is dankzij zijn snelle groei in de afgelopen jaren uitgegroeid tot wereldleider in grensoverschrijdende e-commerce. Volgens het China E-commerce Research Center was de totale waarde van Chinese e-commerce naar het buitenland in 2014 4,2 biljoen yuan (657 miljard dollar) en zal dit stijgen tot 5,5, biljoen yuan in 2015. Deze enorme mogelijkheden trekken de aandacht van voedingssupplementmerken uit de VS en Europa.

Global Health Brands Rush into China through Fast Growing Cross-border E-commerce

BEIJING–(BUSINESS WIRE)– US dietary supplement brand Carlson Lab and the new face of Chinese cross-border e-commerce, Tongrentang International will jointly launch Carlson’s new probiotic product line in both China and the USA simultaneously. This marks a historic milestone for China’s health food industry, since it has never engaged in such a partnership with foreign manufacturers before. Conventionally, dietary supplements must obtain government approval, a process that takes 2-3 years, before entering the Chinese market. The ever-expanding field of cross-border e-commerce has made this approach possible.

Due to its rapid economic growth in recent years and its vast population, China has become a global leader in B2C cross-border e-commerce. According to the China E-commerce Research Center, China’s total cross-border e-commerce reached 4.2 trillion yuan (US$657 billion) in 2014, and will rise to 5.5 trillion in 2015. Such an enormous potential for development has piqued the curiosity of world-class nutritional supplement brands from the United States and Europe.

On October 9 th, Beijing Tongrentang Group, China’s most well-established healthcare company with 346 years of history, announced the establishment of Tongrentang International (TRT International, en.trthi.com), the first Chinese online company focused on the vertical integration of global health. At the same time, TRT International’s e-commerce portal for healthcare products, “Tian Ran Tao” ( www.TRT.hk), was formally launched. At the launching ceremony, the company announced over 40 international brands, comprising nearly 700 different nutritional supplement products that are available for online purchase. All of these products, regardless of whether they are produced in North America, Europe, or Asia-Pacific regions, are directly shipped to TRT International’s duty-free bonded warehouse in Hangzhou, and delivered to consumers across the country.

In order to provide consumers with safe, high-quality products, “Tian Ran Tao” has developed the TRT Quality Assurance System (TQAS) in order to strictly control the quality of products. Only the products of qualified manufacturers can be sold on the Tian Ran Tao website. Premium brands can also apply for “TQAS Gold Partner” status, which constitutes an even higher level of quality assurance. This quality assurance system is the first of its kind implemented in Chinese online businesses.

TRT International’s e-commerce driven business model will also include worldwide distribution of quality Chinese medicine products and services, healthcare insurance plans to cover preventive and traditional Chinese medicine, and consumer medical lab tests for self-care.

Beijing Tongrentang Group’s announcement has surprised many members of China’s healthcare industry, because Tongrentang has always relied on traditional business models. The company was established in 1669 (the eighth year of Emperor Kangxi’s reign). It began offering medical services to the Qing Imperial Palace’s royal dispensary in 1723, and served the emperors of eight successive dynasties over a period of 188 years. Beijing Tongrentang Group possesses a total of six sub-group companies including three publicly traded companies listed in Shanghai and Hong Kong, all of which are involved in healthcare management and the modern pharmaceutical industry.

When asked about their plans to launch the new product line in China at the launching ceremony, Carlson Lab’s National Sales Director Mr. Patrick Bucaro declared: “We are very excited about the opportunity to collaborate with TRT International in the Chinese market. This joint launch of our brand new product line will allow us to step onto the international stage.” Dr. Jipu “Dan” Wen, the Vice-president of TRT International, expressed his excitement: “TRT International is pleased to add Carlson Lab to its product portfolio. Our unprecedented endeavor to launch a new product line in both the US and China simultaneously will become a model of what cross-border e-commerce can do for Chinese consumers.”

TRT International is an online company in Beijing China focused on the integration of global health. Charged with the task of “effectively and efficiently integrating global health resources to provide high-quality professional products and services for consumers across the globe,” TRT is firmly committed to improving global healthcare, constantly striving for innovation, and promoting the well-being of people throughout the world.


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