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Seaward Group: nieuw testapparaat voor EV-laadpuntonderhoud en -diagnose

LONDEN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– De groei in electrische voertuigen (EV’s) en hybrides benadrukt het belang van een goede infrastructuur voor het laden van voertuigen, die te allen tijde effectief en veilig werkt. De nieuwe Seaward EV100 is een speciale tester voor alle soorten AC EV-laadpunten en -toebehoren. De draagbare EV100 tester is in staat om alle benodigde tests uit te voeren voor een volledige controle van alle soorten EV-oplaadapparatuur. De EV100-tester kan gebruikt worden bij ingebruikname van apparatuur en voor periodiek onderhoud. Een hele reeks testen wordt automatisch uitgevoerd met één druk op de knop, zoals meting van voltage uitvoer en maximale uitvoerstroom. Ook worden er tests uitgevoerd die de veiligheid van gebruikers testen.

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Seaward Group: New Tester for EV Chargepoint Maintenance and Fault Finding

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– The growth in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids puts even more emphasis on the need for the power charging infrastructure to operate effectively and safely at all times.

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The new Seaward EV100 is a dedicated tester for EV charging points (Photo: Business Wire)The new Seaward EV100 is a dedicated tester for EV charging points (Photo: Business Wire)

To meet this requirement, a new easy to use specialist diagnostic tester carries out comprehensive validation and fault finding on all types of AC electric vehicle charging and supply equipment (EVSE).

The hand held EV100 tester carries out all of the tests to ensure that EVSE operates correctly and safely at the time of installation and for any ongoing periodic maintenance schedules, in accordance with IEC 61851.

The tester simulates all of the commonly used charging cable ratings to quickly and easily verify the correct response from the EVSE.

An extensive set of tests and measurements are automatically carried out and displayed at the press of a button, including output voltage, maximum available charging current, earth loop impedance and RCD trip time. Insulation tests are also carried out on the EV charging cable to verify safety for users.

Importantly the new tester can confirm the presence of correct mains supply and earthing connections on single or three phase systems without the need for additional equipment or the dismantling the charging point to access internal conductors.

For diagnostic testing, the dedicated EV100 tester also simulates a number of vehicle faults and measures the EVSE response, including disconnection time and the amplitude, frequency and duty cycle of the PWM signal.

As well as carrying out basic field tests, more detailed diagnostic data from the chargepoint can be transferred to a mobile Android app using NFC wireless communications. This enables more advanced performance data to be viewed, test certificates to be produced and test data to be emailed back to the office.

This comprehensive technical data can then be quickly sent to an offsite specialist engineer for full remote fault diagnosis and test records systems.

The comprehensive simulation, test and diagnostic functions of the new EV100 means EVSE charging points remain operational and fit for purpose at all times.

The EV100 is manufactured by the Seaward Group, a specialist electrical safety testing instrumentation company.

Further details at www.seaward.co.uk/EV100


For Seaward Group
Ian Watson
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