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PubMatic introduceert nieuwe console voor inkopers

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– PubMatic, automatiseerder van marketing voor reclame-uitgevers, heeft de tweede versie van zijn Media Buyer Console aangekondigd. Nieuwe functionaliteit stelt kopers in staat snel geschikte advertentieruimte te vinden binnen alle beschikbare formats en kanalen van private marktplaatsen.

“Media Buyer Console 2.0 herdefinieert de manier waarop inkopers profiteren van private marktplaatsen”, zei Sam Cox, vicepresident van OPEN Global Media Partnerships. “Dankzij onze API voor zelfservice in de console en de lees- en schrijffuncties die de twee systemen delen bieden we onze kopers kwalitatief hoogstaande pakketten voor private marktplaatsen, gebruiksvriendelijke, snelle en goed ontworpen zoekfuncties voor advertentieruimte en de mogelijkheid campagnes voor meerdere marktplaatsen te plannen. Dit product versterkt ons vertrouwen in PubMatic als topleverancier van buyertools.”

PubMatic Introduces Next Generation Discovery and Planning Console for Buyers

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– PubMatic, the marketing automation software company for publishers, today announced the launch of its second generation Media Buyer Console. New functionality enables buyers to quickly discover qualified inventory across all available formats and channels in private marketplaces (PMPs). Benefits include:

  • Featured Offers
    Much like a storefront, the Media Buyer Console 2.0 dashboard proactively surfaces seasonal and featured offers empowering buyers to quickly discover premium inventory to reach relevant audiences.
  • Superior Search
    The console’s search capabilities include targeted search filters and a powerful real-time offer matching function.
  • Deal Health Monitoring
    Buyer and seller friction in private marketplaces can be substantially reduced through a set of proprietary deal health tools within Media Buyer Console 2.0. Deal health monitoring provides buyers with proactive recommendations that solve private marketplace performance issues, and customization features enable buyers to select the most important metrics, so that they can improve the campaign performance of their private marketplace buys.
  • Industry First Campaign ID
    PubMatic enables buyers to rapidly scale multi-publisher PMP packages across a single deal ID. PubMatic’s Campaign ID brings the scale of the open exchange to the brand-safe premium environment of the private marketplace. “The ability to combine multiple Deal IDs into a single Campaign ID has brought operational efficiency and scale to the private marketplace, allowing us to buy with confidence in PubMatic’s Media Buyer Console 2.0,” said Kate O’Loughlin, General Manager, Advertising Business at Tapad.

“PubMatic’s Media Buyer Console 2.0 rethinks the way buyers are able to leverage private marketplaces,” said Sam Cox, Vice President, OPEN Global Media Partnerships at MediaMath. “Through our self-serve API into the console, and read/write capabilities shared by the two systems, we’ve been able to offer our buyers high-quality PMP packages, intuitive and well-designed inventory discovery with advanced real-time search, and the ability to plan campaigns across multiple PMPs. This product reinforces our trust in PubMatic as a provider of best-in-class buyer tools.”

PubMatic President Kirk McDonald added, “One of our primary goals as an organization is to inspire buyer confidence by offering them the same caliber of high-quality tools that we have offered publishers for nearly a decade.”

Media Buyer Console 2.0 addresses key challenges that buyers face in today’s advertising environment, especially around deal friction. Continued McDonald, “We’ve dedicated significant time understanding the workflow improvements that buyers really need, providing them with a superior discovery solution and independent fulfillment channels.”

Media Buyer Console 2.0 is the latest version of PubMatic’s platform for buy-side partners. Media buyers of all types can buy with confidence and optimize campaign performance in real-time. PubMatic also provides access to Programmatic Direct inventory discovery, transactions and analytics via API.

About PubMatic

PubMatic is the leading marketing automation software company for publishers. Through real-time analytics, yield management, and workflow automation, PubMatic enables publishers to make smarter inventory decisions and improve revenue performance. Focused on serving the needs of premium publishers, PubMatic inspires buyer confidence by providing flexibility in audience discovery and planning media campaigns through its Media Buyer Console and APIs. The company’s marketing automation software platform provides a global roster of comScore publishers with a single view into their advertiser relationships across every screen, every channel and every format. PubMatic was ranked by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing companies in the US Internet sector for the third consecutive year in 2014. The company has offices worldwide, and is headquartered in Redwood City, California.

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