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MailChimp Pro: geavanceerde data-analyse en optimalisatie voor 199 dollar

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– MailChimp heeft vandaag zijn tot nog toe grootste release aangekondigd: Pro package. Dit aanbod van gebruiksvriendelijke tests, analyse en rapportagefuncties helpt bedrijven, ongeacht hun omvang, bij de optimalisatie van marketing en via e-mail en e-commerce. MailChimp heeft de reputatie e-mailmarketing te vergemakkelijken. Met zijn nieuwe pakket versterkt MailChimp marketing. Het complete pakket kost 199 dollar en maandelijkse abonnementsgelden.

  • Multiavariate testfuncties maken het makkelijker dan ooit na te gaan welke campagneonderdelen het beste presteren. MailChimp is de eerste dienst die echte multivariate testfuncties met sleep-en-plaats-editing aanbiedt.
  • Vergelijkende rapportage stelt marketeers in staat prestaties in de loop van tijd te zien, campagnes in één oogopslag te vergelijken, terugkerende rapporten te plannen en segmenten te bouwen op basis van rapporten.
  • Priority support verwijst professionele gebruikers direct door naar een team van experts voor technische hulp.   
  • Inzicht in levering laat gebruikers zien waar hun campagnes terechtkomen na verzending. Alsof u een pakketje volgt, maar dan voor e-mails.   
  • MailChimp Reputatiescores 
  • Stop Delivery maakt meteen een einde aan een campagne voordat deze de inbox van geadresseerden bereikt.

Announcing MailChimp Pro: Advanced Data Analysis and Optimization Features for $199/Month

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today MailChimp announced its biggest release yet—the Pro package, a suite of intuitive testing, analysis, and reporting features designed to help businesses of all sizes optimize their email and e-commerce marketing. MailChimp has a reputation for making email marketing easy. Now, they’ve made it more powerful. The entire feature set costs only $199 in addition to a monthly plan.

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  • Multivariate testing makes it easier than ever to discover which campaign components perform best. MailChimp is the first service to offer true multivariate testing with a drag and drop editor.
  • Comparative reports allow marketers to view performance over time, compare campaigns to each other in a single view, schedule recurring reports, and build segments based on reports.
  • Priority support automatically directs Pro users to a special team of experts whenever they need technical support.
  • Delivery Insight shows users where their campaigns are after they click “Send.” It’s like tracking a shipment, but for emails.
  • MailChimp Reputation Score shows where an individual account stands from a deliverability perspective, and how it compares to other users’ accounts.
  • Stop Delivery halts a high-volume campaign in real time, stopping the send before it hits inboxes.

MailChimp Pro comes on the heels of MailChimp’s more robust A/B testing feature, new Automation workflows and a new, more powerful API with automation functionality.

Insights from customer interviews and data analysis were both key to building these Pro features. Chief data scientist John Foreman leads a team of qualitative and quantitative analysts who have spent years learning from 9 million customers and the billions of emails they send every month. From the Email Genome Project to our abuse-prevention initiative Omnivore, their research is in the DNA of everything MailChimp builds.

“MailChimp Pro is built for businesses that are serious about using customer data to make email marketing more effective,” said Chief Data Scientist John Foreman. “Whether by identifying trends with Comparative Reports or gathering insights across multiple design and copy combinations with Multivariate Testing, MailChimp Pro serves up data that empowers users to market to their audiences intelligently.”

Once again MailChimp has taken the kind of enterprise-level features you’d expect to be costly and cumbersome, and democratized them for today’s marketers. As e-commerce businesses enter the holiday season, MailChimp Pro gives them the tools they need to sell more. MailChimp has grown rapidly over the last year, and these tools are their latest effort to empower customers to grow alongside them.

About MailChimp:

MailChimp is an Atlanta-based email marketing company. This year, 9 million businesses around the world will use MailChimp to send 200 billion emails.


Key members of MailChimp’s executive team are available for interviews about MailChimp Pro.


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