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AdaptiveMobile introduceert Threat Intelligence Unit (TIU) voor beveiliging mobiele netwerken

AdaptiveMobile, wereldleider in beveiliging van de mobiel, heeft vandaag zijn Threat Intelligence Unit onthuld. De AdaptiveMobile Threat Intelligence Unit (TIU) is een geformaliseerde integratie van de beveiligingsafdeling en het data-inlichtingenteam van het bedrijf en biedt netwerkexploitanten informatie over actuele en opdoemende gevaren voor hun netwerk. Onderzoek van AdaptiveMobile heeft aangetoond dat voorheen slecht theoretisch geacht misbruik van SS7 is aangetroffen in netwerken van mobielenetwerkexploitanten. Dergelijke onthullingen leidden in combinatie met de snelle groei van het volume en de complexiteit van gevaren voor de mobiel tot de totstandkoming van AdaptiveMobile TIU. Deze eenheid biedt de meest actuele analyses en verdedigingsmechanismen voor de bescherming van netwerkoperators, hun onderneming en hun klanten.

AdaptiveMobile Launches Threat Intelligence Unit (TIU) to Enable Operators to Stop Mobile Security Attacks Threatening Their Networks

DALLAS & DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)– AdaptiveMobile, the world leader in mobile security, today publicly launched its Threat Intelligence Unit. The AdaptiveMobile Threat Intelligence Unit (TIU), a formalised integration of the Company’s Security Practice and its Data Intelligence Team, will provide network operators with intelligence on the current and emerging threats to their networks. Research by AdaptiveMobile has revealed that previously considered theoretical SS7 exploits have been actively detected in mobile operator networks worldwide. Such important security revelations, combined with the rapid advancement in mobile threat volume and complexity, have led to the creation of the AdaptiveMobile TIU, providing industry-leading analysis and defence to protect operators and both their enterprise and consumer subscribers.

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Operator networks are demanding a more comprehensive approach to protect against advanced mobile threats, starting with a clear understanding of their threat vectors and vulnerabilities. As mobile networks increasingly become a target of abuse and exploitation, it is vital the industry is able to remain one step ahead and protect against individuals and organisations that pose a threat to either personal or national security.

The recently revealed security threats to the SS7 network show how rogue access to this network is possible and a lack of end-to-end authentication is leaving operator networks vulnerable to new types of attacks. As seen in Ukraine in 2014, subscriber locations can be accurately pin-pointed, personal phone calls and messages monitored, network and subscriber data manipulated and defrauded, and user privacy and revenues from key services placed under threat. With over 75 operators as customers, witnessing in excess of 30 billion mobile events every day from across the globe, AdaptiveMobile is uniquely placed to continue identifying, protecting and remediating against the widest range of threats attacking mobile networks.

“The launch of the AdaptiveMobile TIU is critical because the mobile security threat landscape has changed,” says Cathal Mc Daid, head of the AdaptiveMobile Threat Intelligence Unit. “Our customers are demanding a greater insight into the vulnerabilities to which they are exposed. Our team of experts in mobile network security, combined with an unrivalled view of the mobile threat landscape, allows us to formalise a centre of excellence in mobile security within AdaptiveMobile and make this available to our customers and the Industry,” Mc Daid adds.

Responsible for a suite of managed services including Grey Route ProtectionSS7 ProtectionMessaging Abuse Prevention and Service Gateway Protection, the Threat Intelligence Unit is the company core for mobile security research and development.

About AdaptiveMobile

AdaptiveMobile is the world leader in mobile security protecting over one billion subscribers worldwide and the only mobile security company offering products designed to protect all services on both fixed and mobile networks through in-network and cloud solutions. With deep expertise and a unique focus on network-to-handset security, AdaptiveMobile’s
award winning security solutions provide its customers with advanced threat detection and actionable intelligence, combined with the most comprehensive mobile security products available on the market today. AdaptiveMobile’s sophisticated, revenue-generating security-as-a-service portfolio empowers consumers and enterprises alike to take greater control of their own security.

AdaptiveMobile was founded in 2004 and boasts some of the world’s largest mobile operators as customers and the leading security and telecom equipment vendors as partners. The company is headquartered in Dublin with offices in the North America, Europe, South Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.


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