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Phlexglobal kondigt afdeling Client Solutions aan

Phlexglobal, specialistisch aanbieder van Trial Master File (TMF) and electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) voor de levenswetenschappelijke sector, kondigt een nieuwe internationale divisie aan: Client Solutions. Deze nieuwe tak voorziet Phlexglobals cliënten van TMF-expertise in processen, regelingen en systemen.

De nieuwe divisie staat onder leiding van de TMF-expert Karen Roy, die wordt aangesteld als senior vicevoorzitter Client Solutions. Karen is medeoprichtster van het TMF Reference Model, dat ze blijft promoten. Dankzij dit werk brengt ze de groep een weelde aan ervaring, die ze ook opdeed als hoofd bedrijfsontwikkeling van Phlexglobal.

Sharon Ames, een toonaangevende TMF-expert, versterkt de nieuwe afdeling als directeur. Sharon heeft meer dan 25 jaar ervaring in klinisch onderzoek en TMF vanuit het perspectief van verkopers, klinische onderzoeksvestigingen en organisaties voor uitbesteed onderzoek.

Phlexglobal Announces Client Solutions Division

Phlexglobal, the specialist provider of innovative Trial Master File (TMF) and electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) solutions and services to the life sciences industry announces a new global division; Client Solutions, dedicated to providing its clients with TMF expertise in processes, regulations and systems.

The new division will be led by well-respected TMF thought leader Karen Roy, as senior vice president, client solutions. Karen is co-founder of the TMF Reference Model, which she continues to promote, and brings a wealth of experience to the group from the role, plus her previous position as chief business development officer at Phlexglobal.

Sharon Ames, a leading TMF expert, joins the new division as director, client solutions. Sharon brings rich domain expertise to Phlexglobal and their clients, with over 25 years of clinical trial and TMF experience from a vendor, clinical site and CRO perspective.

This organizational change will allow Phlexglobal to further extend thought leadership and TMF expertise to all clients through project strategy, implementation and governance; product development; and continued contribution to the global TMF community. The expertise within Client Solutions is complemented by additional domain expertise from across the organization as well as industry consultants. It is expected that the strategic growth of the company across North America, Europe and Japan will require Phlexglobal to continue to further expand the Client Solutions group by hiring additional industry experts over time.

Rick Riegel, CEO at Phlexglobal, said: “Client Solutions will continue to strengthen Phlexglobal’s TMF expertise; our clients rely on Phlexglobal for that expertise and our market leading TMF solutions. Phlexglobal is uniquely positioned in the industry as the only vendor that provides a seamless services and technology solution as the industry continues to outsource their TMF technology and processes. Client Solutions enhances our organization’s ability to serve our clients and meet their requirements.”

About Phlexglobal

Phlexglobal is a specialist provider of technology-enabled, Trial Master File (TMF & eTMF) document management solutions and support services. They offer a unique combination of clinical trial knowledge, document management skills, regulatory understanding and technical expertise to deliver a range of flexible, targeted solutions to meet business needs.

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