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Mobielenetwerkexploitanten noemen Mblox topaanbieder van A2P SMS

Mblox, de grootste aanbieder van zakelijke sms ter wereld, is uitgeroepen tot een van de slechts vier Tier 1-providers ter wereld. Mblox krijgt van alle in de Verenigde Staten gevestigde internationale providers bovendien de hoogste waardering. Dat blijkt uit een enquête van de Roaming Consultancy Company (ROCCO). Onderzoekers maten de mening van mobielenetwerkexploitanten over aanbieders van zakelijke sms in meer dan dertig categorieën met betrekking tot prestaties en leiderschap.

De enquête, waaraan 179 respondenten uit alle delen van de wereld meewerkten, wees Mblox aan als topspeler in categorieën als reputatie, kwaliteit van dienstverlening en gemak in samenwerking. Daarnaast was het aantal respondenten dat Mblox noemde als de enige mogelijke verkoper van A2P SMS-communicatie twee keer zo hoog als het aantal respondenten dat een andere aanbieder noemde.


Mobile Network Operators Name Mblox a Top A2P SMS Messaging Provider

Roaming Consulting Company’s Survey Highlights Providers’ Performance Levels According to Operators

CAMPBELL, Calif. – (Business Wire)

Mblox, the largest independent enterprise SMS provider in the world, has been recognized as one of only four Tier One providers in the world and the highest rated U.S.-based global provider, according to a survey of mobile network operators conducted by the Roaming Consulting Company (ROCCO). The survey measured mobile network operators’ (MNOs’) perceptions of enterprise SMS providers on more than 30 performance and leadership categories.

The survey, which included 179 MNO respondents from across the globe, rated Mblox as a top performer in a number of categories, including reputation, quality of service and easiness to work with. Additionally, twice as many respondents identified Mblox as the onlyvendor they would consider for A2P SMS messaging services as compared to any other vendor.

“We are proud of the results because our mobile operators are our business partners and because the 30 categories in the study are reflective of how our customers evaluate messaging providers,” said Tom Cotney, CEO of Mblox. “It also confirms that the entire industry can improve in specific areas. We continue to invest time and resources to enhance scalability and efficiency, which will enable delivery of quality services at a competitive rate.”

“At ROCCO we are often asked who the best providers are – especially when the market is so saturated with choice,” said Jason Bryan, CEO of ROCCO. “Rather than giving some names we might have heard, we like to turn the question back to operators and seek their views; they are usually enthusiastic to talk about their experiences. Mblox is one of the few Tier One providers in this year’s report. They performed very well and clearly have a strong support from Operators in the market.”

More information on ROCCO’s survey and the full report can be found here.


Between April and May 2015, the Roaming Consulting Company asked 179 operators globally for their perceptions of A2P SMS messaging vendors, how well they knew them and how they would rate them. They rated 25 vendors on 30+ KPIs in the area of Performance and Leadership. The survey was about brand perception, experience of these providers, as well as an understanding of whether operators would choose them over others.

About Mblox

Mblox is the largest independent application-to-person (A2P) mobile messaging provider in the world, trusted by more companies to carry their mission-critical traffic than any other service. As the industry’s most experienced Tier One SMS aggregator, Mblox specializes in the unique demands of large-scale mobile messaging programs and are known for providing reliable, uncompromising connections. By creating positive brand experiences, Mblox helps clients transform numbers into profitable relationships with their customers.

About The Roaming Consulting Company

ROCCO is an international consulting company based in the UK. Working with operators and vendors for specific industry research and education. Doing projects focused on industry hot topics like LTE, diameter, IPX and roaming regulation. Neutral in its outlook, over 500 mobile operators annually take part in its research on vendor performance and market pricing. Apart from research, ROCCO is focused on strategic courses and masterclasses in roaming.

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